Ok. So what did I want to write in my last post? I wanted to write about how busy I have been lately. Working crazy hours. Wondering if its really worth it. And how at times I feel that I would never be this busy in my life again. And how at times I actually think that I am working inefficiently.  Anyway, I really never want to say that I am busy. We always have time. It’s just that our priorities change.  I want to write something more about priorities and time management and shit. Chuck it.


So I had seen this short about 10 minutes long animation which used to come on TV. So a man, a real baseball enthusiast, gets married. His dream? To have 6-7 or whatever number of sons to be able to make a top baseball team of his own. Ok, his wife gets pregnant. Damn. It’s a baby girl. He says its ok. There will be another time. Another time. Another girl. And then another girl. He has faith. so ther is always another time. And after n number of years he has n girls to take care of. He is a frustrated man now. Girls grow up a little. One day he notices that girls are playing baseball. He notices that he has got just enuf number of girls to make a baseball team. But he knows that girls cant get him where his boys would have taken him. Anyway, girls make a team of their own. They are good at baseball.


Fast forward. There is this very important ladies baseball tournament going on. It’s a day of final match. Our very own sisterhood team has played brilliantly and people know that these gals will win. But the father is very anxious. He knows that his gals will lose the match. He must do something. Now there is this important point of match where the girls have to hit a homerun to ensure victory. The anxious father wears the helmet and does something to himself so that people around him wont recognize that he is he and not a she. He pulls back his daughter, a clean hitter who would have hit the first ball out of the stadium. A digression, in baseball, you get three balls to hit. If you miss all of them, it’s a strike for the pitcher. And other team will win. Father misses the two balls. Now comes the third ball. The father swings, and thinks that he missed. But the next second he sees that the ball has gone for a homerun. He has won the match for his daughters. He is proud of himself.


BUT, what did really happen? One of his daughters had come from the back and hit the ball that his father missed. Now don’t ask me how that is possible and how nobody noticed. I loved this animation.




  1. lovely! :) and i am glad to witness ur efforts in completing the previos post :D

    Btw, i totally salute your thought of "people always have time, it's priorities that matter" :)

  2. thankoo thankkoo. it was a outstanding performance by me.