V tells me that within each of us there is a machine, a human being and a chimp. Of course, the chimp dominates. 

This chimp makes most irrational of decisions. Apparently the chimp is what stands between me and greatness.

How is my chimp, I asked?

I visited home earlier this month. I have another niece now. I am so glad I was there. And S got engaged.

During my time at home, I decided to be charming at office. Maybe, ask U to come with me to watch a movie. In fact, I was convinced that that would be first thing I will do once I land in Delhi.

After I came back, on one weekend I visited S and on my way to Noida from Delhi (three of us S, N and I took a cab from Ghitorani to Noida), I decided to be sarcastic and fun. And I killed it. It was very refreshing, I wished I did more of that.

And I did too. On one of the introductory sessions with a very senior person in Organization, I said that I was exceptional with SAS. Unfortunately, I couldn't pull it off the way I wanted to and felt stupid for rest of the day.

It was good practice though. I want to feel the limits of stupidity.