So, where do I begin?! I am not very excited about writing this blog. I am not a Shahrukh khan aur Abhinav jain ki Hazaar log will wait breathlessly to read my blog. But still I am writing for the sake of it. Like every blogger I have also come across many instances all this time when I was off-blogging when I thot that something interesting happened which I could have blogged about. Now I dont want to talk about them.

So what's next?? Absolutely nothing. why are you wasting your time reading this. Rather GO and watch the machchhar suck out blood from your veins. you are still reading??? If you are thinking that it's a sort of test, like the one that bhagwaan conducts every two months to test the bhakti of His favourite bhaktan, then you are wrong. there is no chance of you surviving this blog. Just go away. mere 'jaise logo ko net access karne ko kaise mil jata hai?' this is the next big thing thats gonna happen in this world. yaa people will win Nobel prizes, proposing hypotheses to formulate an answer of this multi-million dollar question. in case you have forgotten the question was - 'how do people like me get free access to net?'. Or in fact 'How do people like me even get hired?'.

Time for the boogie woogie joke of the day.

bachchon ko eskool sabse achchhha kab lagta hai?
jab woh band hota hai.



main apne jokes pe hans hans ke marr jaaunga yaar. satish, bus, bus kar de yaar. 'main bus nahi car karunga'. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA

Ok. this is not satish but his villainous alter ego thts typing this.

aah. i have finally survived my post.