wow. r got promoted.

i was thinking whether to mention it or not.

i have always been confused around such kind of decision. i somehow remember the indecisiveness i showed in case of p. in retrospect, everything is so clear. hopefully i have learnt. its always better to be prejudiced than not have an opinion at all. i still dont believe in that statement.

i had these big ideas i wanted to write about. major epiphanies. life changing. its his way of making our lives interesting i guess.

so i was talking to s and as it always does the subject just drifted to marriage and related topic. he mentioned that he will say yes to the first girl he meets. all girls are good, he said. munh kee baat chheen li.

and i told him that we have got matured over these years. i guess i was talking for myself. now i dont crib why they dont call me more frequently. now i just feel happy that they called. patience. the greatest virtue of all time.

and i also like the words 'drift' and 'converge'. i hope my life is a converging series even though it might seem drifting away.

and i feel a serious shortage of money these days. i need to earn some extra money is what i feel. i need to work on it. i am also thinking about registering for courses. lets see how that goes.

she comes into my life. and she smiles when i sing. and she also scares the shit out of me.