So continuing on my fascination with words. Today’s word of the day is ‘sustenance’. You know you are old when you start talking about sustenance. Seriously. It’s more related to survival. And giving in I guess. Succumbing to your circumstances. But somewhere it is maturity as well. Well let’s not go around in circle. Where is the circle?

Yeah, so working late everyday is not sustainable. Being frustrated is not sustainable. Smoking all day empty stomach is not sustainable. Being angry is not sustainable. Enough of examples already. I want to move to that phase now where I have mediocre, thermodynamically feasible goals. After so many days, I think I am finally in mood of sounding funny.

I am sitting little far from my team now. I think that has definitely reduced the stress level. Seriously, you think few things are nonsense and they work as a charm. Duriyaan hain jaroori.

Also, I was talking to chaure who is in London by the way. First one of us to have flown abroad. So he called me. I mentioned that he was the first one to fly abroad. He said ‘sorry dost. Tumse pahle chala aaya’ in not very sarcastic tone. And I said ‘its ok. I am..’ and I stopped after ‘am’ and he said that ‘kyun ruk gaye dost? I am proud kahne wale the kya?’. And yes that was what I wanted to say.

Seriously, chaure is mind-blowing.

seems like a long time. also seems like few of my posts are deleted - the feeling that the posts at the top were written ages ago.

anyway, where was i? so she left the company. i wanted to ask her to join me for lunch or whatever. but i think i did well to not complicate things and having left her alone.

i have talked just about her in the blog i guess. expect for one off instances.

i want to talk about others. i am going through a different phase i guess. there is one who is married and is the closest to royalty.

and i am beginning my second inning as a full time project manager. i know i will forget about sas. but i have felt what it means to know that you are the best on one of the fields. and that feeling is awesome.