This is a test –blog. 1, 2, 4. 1, 2, 4.

Well I have always written for the sake of it. At least that is what I would like my excuse for abusing blogging to be. And there had been days when I had absolutely nothing to write about but still I managed it somehow. Today is one of such days. Not exactly. I have a lot of things to share to my loyal readers. Quite interesting things, in fact. But as often is the case, there is little room for creativity if the subject matter itself is interesting. You can make mountain of a molehill and feel good about it. You already have a mountain and you don’t know what to do with it. What a lousy excuse! Anyway, trivial things are indeed important.

Well here is an incident. Trivial indeed, as it keeps happening to me every other day. We don’t have that many trains between here - okk, Bangalore! I don’t want people to know that I live in Bangalore. I don’t want my andhavishwasi (the use of Hindi is not because it adds to the creativity, believe me!) fans to search each and every mandir in search of their favourite bhagwaan in Bangalore - and my hometown. Okk I am bored. I am so bored that I don’t even want to delete whatever I have written earlier as a rare demonstration of extreme human perseverance. Kahani sunaane ka waqt nahi hai. The thing is that I missed my train at Nagpur. And so did a girl. And I thought that ‘Jab We Met’ could have had an alternate beginning. Anyway, so our journey began. We took a train that wud drop us somewhere in Chennai and from there we will get a bus or another train for Bangalore. Nice naa! Now here if I was at best of my moods I would have narrated a story full of interesting twists and turns with the girl finally falling in love with me and singing ‘kuch toh hua hai kuch ho gaya hai’ after finally reaching her place here in Bangalore, only to disappoint all of ya at the end of the post and laughing that nothing of this sort actually happened. But the mere existence of the previous statement implies that I am not in the best of my moods and I am not going to waste ink writing things that you know can never occur. So where was I?? AAh so we arrived at two in the early morning and Bangalore being not so safe a place to hire autos at that time I went with her to drop her at her PG accommodation. WOW! Anyway. I thot she wud at least call me to inquire whether I reached my home safely. But she did not. (Well I was about to write that implication-of-existence-of-previous-statement crap all over again but I didn’t. Say thanks!)

bahut bore kar diya yaar. sorry rahega. aah here is a tip for the aspiring flirts though, from our very own karan Johar. You should not use cheesy-pick-up-lines at the beginning of a conversation when you approach a girl the first time. You must always use them just before ending the conversation in a subtle way. As in, you go to the girl and discuss global warming for whole 10 minutes and then just before leaving her, casually say, ‘I lost my teddy bear, will u sleep with me?’ See, before the crowd has gathered to beat u up, u have already fled from the place. Greaaat! Well the exmple part was entirely invented by great meeh and you cud start admiring the genius in me on the count of three. 1..2..3. There I go.

Many stories are untold. Often best of them. Too personal sometimes, but often too embarrassing. maybe someday, when the seemingly most important things in life become too trivial, I ll narrate them down.

I am a fucking asshole.

the perfect date!

Happy Diwali!

yey! main ghar jaa raha hun! miss me!

kya likhun?? i am definitely bored. and not at the best of my moods. so dont expect too much from this post. infact, expect nothing from this post. i am feeling sleepy. i will sleep. i dont know what to write. i am a rockstar. am i dreaming already. where am i. who am i. don. why am i not using any question marks. anyway. subway. halfway. bank jaana tha yaar mujhe. main bank gaya bhi tha. par bank band (BAND. SAND. AND) tha. uff. yeh kaisi uljhan hai. pondy dekhe ek jamaana ho gayaa yaar. pondy. mere dost. duniya matlab (MATLAB. MATHTYPE. SAS. why am i not using any commas.) ki hai. h7 wale pondy. mere dost. teri muskaan dekhne ko main taras gaya hun. ek dialogue maarne ka mann kar raha hai. i didnt invent the rainy season. its just that i own the best umbrella. teen din se main apna chhata laanaa bhi bhool jata hun. mujhe kya ho gaya hai. kya yeh ek sapna hai. sapna kya kisi ladki ka naam hai. kya computer-clock band ho gaya hai. samay beet kyun nahi raha hai. aaj shanivaar hai. chuhe ko bukhaar hai. aur kya likhun. a=b. b=c. c=d. d=e. e=f. f=g. where a. b. c. d. and e are complex numbar. ab isse jyada funny main aur nahi ho sakta. ek ek sentence likhne mein mujhe ek-ek ghanta lag raha hai. phone kyun nahi aa raha hai. kya is post ko main post karunga. ab aur kitni gandagi machaunga main. ek theory hai. life ke baare mein. par batane ka mann nahi kar raha hai. if this post is not making any sense to you then you need to take long pauses at every period. this post is genious. main aur meri tanhai. kya tanhai bhi ladki ka naam hai. main yeh post kyun likh raha hun. mujhe hee phone karna padega lagta hai. main ab number dial karne wala hun. koi phone utha kyun nahi raha hai. kya is baar bhi mera chutiya katne wala hai. mujhe khud hee shop jaana padega lagta hai. kya yeh mere perseverance ki test hai.