The joy of writing a post is thrilling - Well, at least till you realise that even if it was mainly frustration that lead to blogging, it was nothing but the joy for those few minutes when you sat down and wrote your tragic story.

somehow, i was led to one of my earlier posts. and it is such a refreshing feeling to read the nonsense. and i notice that over a period of time, we mainly feel joy looking back. doesnt matter how much crappy we felt back then.

Ok.before i get to any further i will have to do this.

I am trying to look sophistcated here.

ok, now that its out of the way, i can write further.

i am typing this on outlook message box. i dont see any red lines. spell check seems to be not working. how do i spell further? is it furthur?? BTW, electricity is off right now. I have lit a candle and placed it up behind me so that i am able to see typing keys.

for a change i want to write a sub normal post.

i wanted to write a post on my discovery on what is called 'strong sense of duty'. obviously i dont want to write that now. it would be too sophisticated and suffocative,

BTW i watched Gilchrist bat today. Once i asked a friend that who would be his choice for a batman (why do they have to call them batsman?) if one needed a six off the last delivery. I obviously had Gilchrist in mind. And he said Gilchrist. And that is how you come to know when you have found that special someone and become gay.

And today, it was a lovely weather in Bangalore. i thot that if there was any good time to smooch a random stranger, it was this.

there are so many things that i have thought over so many years and months and have wanted to share with you because i thought they were profound but then did not because realized that it was pathetic.

the above sentence is not supposed to make much sense.

in fact the posts are never supposed to make any sense.

but at times i like to make sense.

and that is where it kind of becomes unbearable.

one of our clients' last name is love. and wenever i get an email from her. i sing 'o my are my love'.

No I didn't trust him
But he rushed me to feel
Tried me, mesmerized me
With his all sex appeal

Told me everything
That I was longing to hear
Shining and handsome
My souvenir

And then all of sudden
I have fallen in love

He would put me down
But I'd still place him above

Tired of searching for the love
That still lives in him
Given my everything
Like a souvenir

Given up my heart
In the name of the memory
Fallen down like rain
He could feel every drop
Now I know I have
Have the courage to tell him
Tell him to stop!stop!stop!

I've become invisible
I melt away at night
Dreams for once so colorful
Become black and white
Loving once so wonderful
Is no longer here
So I'll keep this feeling
Like a souvenir

Given up my heart
In the name of the memory
Fallen down like rain
He could feel every drop
Now I know I have
Have the courage to tell him
Tell him to stop!stop!stop!

this is one of the posts meant to prove the point that you dont care if you dont get any comments.

yeah. its that simple. if you want me to see post more frequently, all u have to do is not comment. which in english will translate to that you have to do nothing.

i sometimes amaze myself with my genius. i hope i have used that phrase before. i sometimes amaze myself with my stupidity as well. even it has been iterated and re iterated and re re iterated.

behind every great fortune, there is a crime. i had read this on the opening page of the godfather. so when we were discussing our plan of becoming billionaires, i told my friend that we will have to get into some sort of criminal activity to be able to have so much money. he said - i am not looking for a great fortune.

i also remember that we had this interactive session on packaged goods. and we discussed what are packaged goods. all sorts of definition filled the little training room. they said that tv could be packaged. they say that the good should be fast moving and consumable. anyway, i obviously liked my definition best. i said that the big CPG (ie consumer packaged goods, and i earlier thot was american for FMCG) firms define CPG products for us.

the whole point that i am trying so hard to make here is i am real studd.

and when i was a kid, i actually thot that when water evaporates it disintegrates into oxygen and hydrogen. wasnt that genius??

and i actually thot hard and figured out why is west Bengal called west bengal when it is situated in east. wasnt that genius??!

ok. time to sleep, genius.

you know that feeling of guilt that kept you away from your work, the result of not having started the work yet, the acknowledgment of the problem, but unwillingness to tread the path of solution.

i know it doesnt make sense (to you). i was about to write that i dont care if you dont get it. but then it will be obvious that i do. isn't it already.

anyway, it is suppossed to be a smart post. so best of luck. to you.

you know what? i can actually go up and re write what i have already written and you would have never read an article which made more sense to you. but if i did that you wouldnt be able to appreciate the level of genius that it took to transform the crap that we have right now to ..what was it.."a piece of art".

so you are most probably thinking that u will re-write first para again and you will actually compare and judge me. but i have already boasted so much that i can not take the risk of actually re-writing it. "plus i am very bored."

that's a a lot of crap.

anyway, i need to get detached from my blog. i need to get detached from my job as well. i need to get my priorities right.

so a girl is with a boy. she orders a coffee. he lights a cigarette. they dont talk. they are not thinking about anything else. they are not thinking about anything.

girl decides. test time.

"i miss it!"
"ok." he smelled something funny.
"i miss the naughtiness. i miss the stupid things. i miss the freshness. dont you think our love has become way sophisticated lately?"

their eyes smile. did the boy pass the test? sort of.

but there will be better, more interesting situations when they choose to fail purposely. just to see how the other reacts.