its been some time since i have been thinking about the human need to communicate. you know i have always been told that i needed to improve my communication. yeah, in those one-on-ones, where it is mandatory to always tell people improvements area. i can appreciate it more now that i am on other side of table. yeah i am almost a manager now. hehe. (that is one joke that i have cracked in a long time!)

anyway, coming back to point. communication. earlier i thought that it was because of 'that' lag when i tried talking in english. but my written english is quite good as you all have already witnessed by now. (thats two in a row. and btw this does not disprove the hypothesis.)

but lately, i have discovered multiple layers of communication and it all comes down to trust i guess. trust that the person will be able to understand what you want to say. and its a thin line. quite often it leads to presumption. that the person already understands that you want to say. otherwise, that the person will never understand what you want to say. and there is 'lost in translation' shit that i have talked about earlier.

anyway, the point is that i have stopped caring so much about my bad communication skill mainly because my lack of faith in people. and that is not good.

in a side news, i was talking to chaure today and he told me about this dream that he has had. he went to a girls place. then the girl insisted that he teaches him some subject. something happened as he was teaching her and they started kissing. french kissing to be specific. and it was all too confusing to him. he thought that he was having a dream within the dream when he kissed the girl. sarafat ki imtihaan ho gayee. i told him that he will have to go to level 4 if the dream involved a sequence with more than kissing in it.

i also wanted to talk about nature of admiration. how it can bond people when the center of admiration for them is the same person. and how it can create friction if two persons are competing for same admiration. its funny at times.