it was long back. i think i know why i remembered it. anyway reason is not important. whats important is whats followed. as usual we were browsing through channel - which is what always happens if we are not watching matches, we dont watch TV.. we browse it. So we stopped and started watching this movie. i cant remember the name of it. but it was unique and creative and totally realistic. where do we see such movies?! so about the plot. a tv channel comes with a unique idea of making a reality show where a boy and girl were to fall in love. and in case they actually fall in love, the channel will offer then a crore on the condition that they will not see each other again. and hence testing the value of love. i said was way too much realistic.

however i am not going to go too deep. there is not enuf depth in the plot to go deep in anyway.

so the hero in the movie is more of a boy. he goes to rent a movie CD with his friend, gets an english adult movie, collides with the father of the heroine, hears some lecture on the movie - how they should watch old hindi movies with a message - and as prank, exchanges his adult movie's CD with the old hindi movie CD that heroine ka baap had rented.

yeah. funny. right. so the father of heroine sits with his family to enjoy his old hindi movie.

why am i telling you all this??? because for a macro second we get to see the TV on which the movie is played. and BANG! we knew it was Poison Ivy - The New Seduction. Such is our knowledge of adult movies. we were quite impressed by it.

i wanted to write so many other things. but the crap above has taken much of my time and space of this post.

i will anyway write about my findings on beginner's luck. which i have come to know after playing poker. i think the conventional wisdom can be explained most of the time. as in this case, the beginners are new to the system, new to the rules. they go more on their instinct. their vision less blurred by the process established to reach the goal. and hence the success. and that is why it is never advised that you get an MBA if you want to do big in your life. i dont want to do big in my life. i think i will get an MBA.

i also wanted to write about some jokes that are not funny. and it could be vital to know the difference.