I have to get done with this in 15 minutes. In fact I think I should complete it in 5 minutes.

This is my kind of start to a post.

Anyway, like it has been for past few posts, even this post will be loaded with heavy dose of philosophy. Anyway, where was I? I am listening to Romeo and Juliet. Isn’t it just wonderful?

There was a phase when I was fascinated with phrases. There is this phase now when I am fascinated by words. Is that part of evolution? What is evolution by the way? More importantly how do we differentiate between evolution and degradation. Anyway, this will be material for another post. Now is the time to talk about words.

But before that I have had some phrases borrowed from our SVP and I would like to remember them. In one of the training meeting – he elaborated on what is meant by ‘comfortable under your skin’. Will you be comfortable under your skin – if you are naked? – he added.

He also talked about how ‘truth should not come in the way of expressing it’. I think I didn’t hear it properly and I improvised.

Coming back to words – ‘consistency’ is another word that I am fascinated with recently. Most of our behavioral patterns are explainable when we look for consistency. People have related consistency of your treatment of other people with your idea of justice. Prejudiced, are we?

‘Admiration’ I have talked about before.

Here goes the beep. And here go I.

i am reading a lot on 'quality' lately. you know, like, we all want to be good, but what exactly is 'good'? is it relative or is there an absolute 'good'? this all started when i completed reading zen and art of motorcycle maintenance. i did not understand it completely but still there is someone who thought about this question and took the trouble of writing a book that was rejected by 20 publishers. i can only guess the reason for rejection.

anyway, i just completed reading another book, lila, by the same author. here he talks about morality. as the author even i think there is a direct connection between quality and morality. morality, the guiding force of a society thrives (should thrive) to preserve what is good.

anyway, i get 'what are you always thinking?' a lot from many people lately. i don't take it as a compliment anymore.

i had some more thoughts on communication. the need of it. and how it should never be undervalued. there are two parts to it if you undervalue it. one, you think you have something to say that nobody can understand. a misplaced sense of superiority. two, you just lack that drive to connect to another human being. only real time experience can correct your theoretical knowledge you picked from all those books. plus what else is exciting in life except for those moments when you connect. human existence will always need validation.

amongst all this philosophical thinking about quality and life, i hope i dont take myself too seriously. i tend to do that very often. one of the reasons i get very impatient lately.

and i wanted to write about you. i know you have asked me to write about you before. every time i think that i have you figured, you have me shaken up. you think that you are the mature one between us - which is exactly what i think about myself.