Continuing on my 'cowardice' theme.

Artists are cowards, mostly. 'Artists use lies to tell the truth,' as pointed out by V. And I agree. It makes perfect sense. Isn't fiction or poetry a mean(should there be an s) to conceal your secrets? Artists also want the approval of the audience. Which also makes them sad. Anyway, that would be a different time.

So, I was thinking of different stories that could emerge out of a seed situation, a trigger incident and 'cause and effect' relationship.

It all comes down to understanding the basic setup I guess.

What would be some of the interesting seed situations? A seed situation could be about a person (obviously me) realizing contradictions. Trigger could be his attempt to bring consistency to his behavior. So that's it. A trigger is an agent of change. Experiments. I feel pathetic. And yet relieved.

But I will write a story.

when are we most funny? 'when we are honest,' i concluded.

honesty also means courage. courage to say the truth. be ready to accept the consequences.

'am i honest?,' you ask yourself.

being silent. playing safe. is that cowardice? i think it is. it is also maturity. maturity and cowardice are so inter-related. it is a matter of point of view i guess.

these are all fragmented thoughts. left as cues. and one day, i will read it up and compile it into story of my life. that was tragic.

i feel particularly pathetic nowadays. greeting people up in the morning is so not me. also i have a style. i should maintain the style. under-expression. oh yeah.

i went to see chiriyaghar. it was the first occasion i was truly impressed with delhi.

is that all?

so there is a movie, where different characters are characters. so you have vengeance fighting duty for supremacy.

and what is important?

this is a sad post. different but sad.