A walk in the park

I watched Source Code this evening. It is name of a movie, by the way. By the end of it, I had tears in my eyes. And I really wanted to cry. It must be my periods. I thought. Or who cries after watching a sci-fi movie.

So to stop myself from analysing why I wanted to cry, I decided to distract myself by taking a walk outside. Its a residential society consisting of about 15 towers - big enough that people can be found taking a walk outside when weather is good.

It was 7:30. It was windy. There were people. I wondered if they were suspicious of me.

I took a turn.


Now it's 11:45. And it's raining. And I'm listening to Jennifer Lopez. Where were we?


So I took a turn. And after about 5 minutes I felt lost. But I knew I would find my way back.

I sure did. For those 5 minutes, I paid more attention to world outside.


I am back from office after an unproductive day. Had a good discussions with Rahul (the name that is so generic that it doesn't even need masking) around what I wanted to do, where I should focus and books. I am continuously talking about how I miss reading fiction these days. I should just order God of small Things.

I asked him where we lacked and he answered in bullet points as if he had thought a lot about it. We are extremely slow, we are extremely expensive and we don't speak our clients language. I was wowed.

And he also mentioned how I should better market myself.

V pointed that I was alright in the middle. It was only at the beginning and at the end that I sucked.


So back to the walk. I was lost but I also knew that if I walked enough I will eventually encounter the familiar and I did. I eventually entered into this little play ground that large residential societies have for kids. Except that it was late in evening now and you couldn't find any kid there.

And so I sat down on a bench. And played a randomly selected song on my mobile phone. 'Chal akela, chal akela..' it told me. That happens a lot to me.

Next song was thankfully 'is reshmi pajeb ki jhankaar ke sadke..'

Making of a habit

How have these two months been?

I started off with a high note. I realized power that books have. 100 years on, they can still make people join the battle you started. Do I write with a purpose now?

I am at the peak of information consumption these days. I still have a choice. I know it is only a waste of time and energy.

All these times I have been waiting for someone else to tell me what I need to do. I need to develop my own view of the world.