office tales

so a friend tells in office to some. 'grass is always greener on the other side'. on our way down, i suggest an improvization. 'there is no grass anywhere'. 'because we smoked it up', adds the third in the party. it takes me a second to realize that 'grass' is a synonym for weed.

in another instance, we come out of the lift. there is a girl in the lift as well from office that sits right across but we have never communicated with her. while entering office, she searches her bag to look for access card. our office have this access gates that you find in delhi metroes. while she searches, we move ahead and i open the gates for my friend to go as even he doesnt have the access card with him. i punch my card again to open the doors and say to her to go ahead.  she says thanks. now these doors lead to another door into cafeteria that eventually lead to office desks. while she movea ahead, the friend has already moved ahead and while he waits for me, keeps the door open for the lady to pass. i feel proud of him (he is good 4 yrs junior to me) and girl must have thanked him in most unaudible whisper. while she is about to pass the cafeteria door, she waits for us to pass before her. nice, i felt.