So I have got another 10 minutes. The reputation of my creativity is at stake. This is gonna be a bloody thought-provoking, making-a-difference-to-this-filthy-world kinda post.

So I have been thinking. As I look at the blogs that I have posted, I find them incredibly funny. If you had asked me 1 year before I wud have said that writing ‘whatever comes to mind’ in a ‘funny’ way is my biggest strength. ‘Diverge wherever you can, and let the creativity flow freely without any bounds’ was my motto. But now I think that writing in organized way must be what I should concentrate on.

What the crap! So this was actually an illustration. Of the fact that it’s just not possible for me to right without ‘step’ changes.

This is again going to be just another crappy post. UNLESS, I make it even crappier. See, you wud find this jokes ‘not amusing’???

So here is one incentive for quitting smoking. If you don’t want to pay higher premiums on your life insurance, you gotta quit smoking. But then if you don’t smoke, do you really need a life insurance? Catch-22??! Great book, as they say it is. I have just started reading it and some of the conversations are really funny.

And the great thing about this book is that it tells us that … aah crap!!

We just need to see things for what they are, and not what societies tell.

So I am actually writing this on a word pad. Not that I want to make my blog less attractive by not including enuf of spelling mistakes. It’s just that I want to project the image that I am working preparing some document.

So I had actually resolved into not posting any further post till I get a comment on my previous blog, but then people should make reasonable resolutions. SO here I am back. With a bang.

So what’s next?

So this is like the fourth time I have started a paragraph by a ‘So’.

So ne ka mann kar raha hai yaar.

SO jaaao.

Issued in my interest!

main aapke(aapke yaa apne?? who cares!) haath jodta hun, pair padta hun. Agar aap galti se bhi is page pe aaye hain toh, piliz ek comment maar doh, maai-baap.

I wud have written same thing in angrezi too, in case any firangi walks into this page, but then the probability of even a single soul getting into this page is so less that I dont want to waste my resources on something that is even rarer than seeing some UFO or UOF or whatever it is. Dont tell me that I sud try commenting on my own posts because i already have; and believe me its not at all funny.

Talking on firangis, I have seen a sapna. That someday I will finally marry a firangi. You ask how?? ofcourse in no times I wud be fired from my current job and then i will get to do the job of my dreams which is driving an autorikshaw by the way. And one day while I am dreaming abt meeting an angrez kudi outside the chhatrapati shivaji terminus (or is it an international airport), I wud get to meet the girl with blonde hairs(hair??? wgac i.e. who gives a crap!).

Salaame-ishq. kya movie thi yaar. I am so lucky to have seen it in my one lifetime. seen? completed?? hardly matters. again, wgac.

so thr are some things that sud be definitely written about. so i had been to IIT(abe how do we increase it's font size. just bolding is not enuf, dude!) for my convocation and mr laxmi nivas mittal was the chief guest. aah, this will also be my first time wen i wud board my first DHAkkan flight. But not without any interruptions. so what are the chances that your first flight gets cancelled. yaa, if you are boarding on an Air Deccan flight the chances cud be as high as 100% depending on the kind of spoon that you had in your mouth wen you landed on this duniya. why is this not AT All funny??? Pathetic. No more divergences now on. i promise.

haan so i had been rescheduled for a 4 am flight next morning and obvioussly i cudnt get the enuf dose of that heavenly drug that is called sleep. gaaawd, i sud stop reading wodehouse. anyway, bak to convocation haal. so i dozed away gloriously to sleep and listen to his 'inspirational' speech only that time wen he chose to call eye eye tea as double eye tea. and that was okay with me. but then he switched bak to eye eye tea again. what is this mr mittal??! i know i like laughing but you are disturbing me frm my sleep. anyway if anyone is interested then 'perseverance' and 'i -dont-remember-something' are the two important factors that have helped him build arcelor-mittal.

AAh wat else? cudnt see the remaining episodes on scrubs season six. met the same old disturbingly-close friends. yaa, you can cry now.

Bachna aiye hasino, lo main aa gaya!

okk! that was quite an impressive start. of course, given the fact that no one will never read any of this crap. people will never know that an ingenuous writer used to write here. ek din main marr jaaunga. ek din tum bhi mar jaaoge. we will play luka-chipi in narak. but one thing is sure ki we will save a lot on gas in narak. of course, narak is full of 'narak kee agni' and we wudnt need gas cylinders to cook our food.

so we have a great man in our ceo. its inspirational to hear him talk. he married the girl he fell in love with wen he was 22. did his mba from university of chicago.worked in price water houce coopers. then join booze allen. and was doing pretty fine ther when one day he left his 200 thousand dollars paying job to start a firm of his own. he could well be seen as a young steve jobs or rather young narayan murthy. okk, this post is not abt the mahanata of this man, as i wud never be upto the task. but few things that he said and the things that i want to remember as i grow old and become more stupid include quotes like, "two things are very important if you want to do something big- ignorance and arrogance."

and thats wher i feel that my life comes close to the definition of pathetic. I like listening to the 'gyan' as he says it but i never see myself doing anything. i often feel that i ll be lost in all this nonsensical waste of time and one day i ll be dead. dying is not that bad though.

anyway, i am listening to a beautiful song right now.

hai aaj naye armaano se
aabaad mere dil ki nagari,
barson se khiza ka mausam tha,
viraan badi duniya thi meri.

haathon mein tera aanachal
aaya ki baahaar aayi.
diwana hua baadal.

met the college friends during convocation. and it was heart breaking to come back here. life sux, man!