Have you ever broken your laptop screen? A laptop screen with cracks running thru it like a mirror hit by a bullet is not a good sight. But still I can say that this is few of the things that I have done that are not normally done by people.


Like any good careful boy I too hold the upper part of the screen whenever I want to move my laptop. And then I coughed and pressure built below my thumbs was strong enough to crack it. Suddenly you feel so strong. Then I had to work on a desktop right under the impact of strong AC for next five hours. And its not complicated. I was actually thinking about bunking office for another day when I thought that going to office and discussing coolie number 1 with colleagues would be better for my health. And when my laptop was broken I could not go home and work from there. For a second I was clueless. And them post disaster analysis, may I say unwanted, took place in my mind. Earlier I thought that I shouldn’t have decided to move from the place where I was sitting. Then I thought I sudnt have come to the office today. And then I thought that how my getting born was a big mistake altogether.


But broken laptop screens are not that bad anyway. You can always write a post on them.


And talking about coolie number one.


Govinda – Haan. Singapore mein hamaare paanch crore ke project ka kya hua?

Sadashiv amrapurkar – Uske liye aapke Singapore ke prime minister se baat karni padegi.

Govinda – haan toh Singapore wapas jaate hee meeting fix karo.


And all this is being over-heard by kadar khan and shakti kapoor.

Govinda – mujhe is seth kee beti se pyar ho gaya hai.  Aur mujhe isse shadi karni hai.

Sadashiv amrapurkar – par kunwar, in mamooli logo se apna rishta jodne se maharaja naraj ho jaayenge.

Govinda – hamein kuch nahi pata.

Sadashiv amrapurkar – par yeh bahut maamooli log hain.


Shakti kapoor comes in with kadar khan.

Shakti kappor – kya mamooli-mamooli laga rakha hai. Inke (kadar khan) ke pass yahan 100 acre zameen hai!

Sadashiv amrapurkar – inke pass (govinda) Singapore mein 101 acres ka sirf ekk bathroom hai.


Heheh. isn’t that genius.


And I have finally shifted to a new flat. With some friends. The earlier place that I lived in (alone) was such a crappy place. I cant believe I spent 6??, 7?? whatever number of months there. And I hope to cook sometime now. Good. And the day we moved in (on previous Saturday) we were told that our house was getting painted. Shit! We said. And we were asked to live in another flat temporarily till our flat was ready. And so we moved in finally on Monday. And all our stuff is still unpacked. And so we wonder if things could take place just normally for some time. Normal is so rare nowadays.





CO2 is not a pollutant.

well, that was something that i know. and i hope you know that too.

and i always write that i have wanted to write so many things. and when i finally get down to writing things down, i dont feel the need of mentioning them.

so for past few days. i feel like i have been living in hell. i have got this feeling that i am gonna be eternally ill.

like everyone i want to feel happy. and i have felt happy. and i have felt happy in past few days. but i am talking about the kind of happiness you get when you solve a tough math problem. or the kind of happiness you get when you get the perfect lunch.

and like all cynics, i dont see optimists as living a life of lies. i admire them. on second thots, i think all cynics admire optimists.

and i am not even sure if i am a cynic. i think i just think that it would be kool to be a cynic and wait for the world to come to an abrupt end.

i think i am trying hard.