Copy-Paste Time!

“Tell me a poem,” you demand, late at night,
And leave me tongue-tied.
“I write poems,” I protest weakly,
“I don’t tell them.”
“Performance pressure?” you tease me;
I blush at the implied intimacy.

“I know you don’t love me, not yet,”
I admit, and add, “but you will.”
“And what makes you so sure,”
You mock me, “my arrogant frog?”
“I haven’t written a poem for you yet,”
I answer, “wait till I write one.”

Copy-pasted directly from Gauravonomics without his permission.


As I have discovered that I write only for the sake of writing. So here I am again. The one thing that I would perhaps never find out is that Why do I always say the same thing again and again. Well, I do make the same mistakes again and again. So few days ago 'BASF Global - The Chemical Complany' was here. And we all were given a chance to upgrade our jobs. So inspite of having a job that I am pretty much into, I decided to sit through the placement process. The procedure involved PPT (Pre Placement Talk), High Tea (Pizza and coke, why the hell did they keep calling it hightea????!) GD and PI. AAh I am again feeling bored now. Ok, I will still write on it. People you owe me big time.

So The company I got my job into had pretty much the same procedure. Well, they did not have high tea though. Okk. You might be tempted to judge the company on basis of whether they give away pizzas or not, but..??But nothing. It indeed is an important criterion. Anyway, I had cracked the GD previous time and was brimming with confidence for this one. The topic was ' Is there a right way of doing a wrong thing?'. And I gave the group the best start any GD can only dream of. I guided people. I literally brought the best out of people participating. At the end of the GD the panel and my 'colleagues' gave me a standing ovation, and I was offered the job without even going through the PI.

Do you want my autograph?? Send in your requests with a demand draft of Rs 1000 only right now.

Jyada ho gaya kya? Okk, If you havent figured it out yet I was lying till now. The truth is I barely spoke. Just as the GD was about to start I realised that I have a job that I am almost in love with. I am not a guy who will hamper anyone else's chance only for the heck of it. So I chose to remain silent. Not a single word from me. All people were stunned. I mean everybody knew that I would get through the GD. Well but I chose to fulfill a larger good. Well I am little wrong when I say the previous statement. I didnt do anyone any favour by not speaking at GD. I have a job, and I am going to join them, it is as simple as that. Yaa, I know I am great, plus I am humble. Rare combination.

Chal, bahut ho gayaa yaar. Ab toh sach batana hee padega. It's true that I did not utter a single word in the GD. But it wasnt because I suddenly realised the goal of my life. I didnt speak because I cudnt speak. It is as simple as that. 'Why?' is an open question. May be I didnt try hard enough. May be I was intimidated by the presence of studs in my group. May be I really am a loser. (Well. I might call myself an idiot, a loser, an asshole; but somewhere at the core of my heart I think that I am the studdest thing that ever happened to Earth.). Okk! So what exactly am I trying to prove by being this self critical? That I am being utmost truthful here? Am I?! Or Am I just trying to draw this image in front of the sole reader of this blog. Yaa, I am talking about you.

So the whole funda for sitting for another job was to have some more experience in GD and PI. After selecting few people in PIs, they were going to send them to Singapore for final round of interviews. So great-me worked out the plan that I wud clear PI, go to Singapore, have some gud time there, get an offer from there, and deny the offer saying that I would feel homesick. Well, they did get lucky this time. Bastards.

So after GD, I was sure as hell, that I wudnt get selected, but few of my friends who were over-optimistic about their performance were waiting for results, so I waited with them. So this friend of mine who had come up very aggresively on the topic ( which was the reason he did not get selected! huh!:) asks me(pretending to be an interviewer), ' Tell me two of your weaknesses?'. I said, ' Sir, doh dino se pair bahut dard kar raha hai.Sir(read it as sar or seer) bhi dard karta hai kabhi kabhi.'. And we all started laughing. Taliyan.

Anyway, This whole process did make me realise that I sudnt go and appear for job only for preparation sake. I had thought that I would write on a different topic too, but its getting late. And I sud go to sleep.

umm.. how do I start tonite? There are so many things that I would really like to throw up here at my blog, but I cant. I cant because people around here know me, and I dont want to be a sissy boy in their eyes. So I sometimes wonder why do I have this blog? What purpose exactly does it serve. Well, I am definitely here to impress people. People whom I know; people who most probably think that I am a big loser. I perhaps want to prove that I am not that big a loser afterall. Or perhaps I want to improve on my writing skills. What ever the reason be, why would you give a shit.

okk! I have at least started it off now. For few days, my dad is living alone as my mom has gone with my bro to help him settle at a new place. Anyway, the thing is that my dad has no one to talk to, and when he calls up, I look around for topics to talk on. Umm.. It's getting personal. And I typed few lines elaborating on the situation. But then I deleted them. Well, let me just focus on impressing the crowd.

So here is this thing that I want some people to know about me. Most of my time is spent on reading blogs. That is cool. Well, going to the field, and scoring some goals is even cooler, but lets not get into that. So I read posts, and then I might comment on it. And sometimes I dont comment. The reason being I feel idiotic everytime I comment. I go n check some of the previous comments I posted on few posts, and I still feel idiotic. I dont know if I make any sense.

I feel like ending the post right here. wel, let me type some more lines, so that it looks at least like a 'post' post. To be honest, commenting does not come naturally to me. I mean there are people who just stun me by the way they write comments. But I have to think, even if not hard, but still, to write something. and when I am done writing it, I feel like being at cloud nine, not able to stop feeling smug that I have written the best possible comment for this post. I mean it doesnt happen for every posts, but well, there are instances where it has happened. THen I see them five minutes later, and I feel stupid. I mean Real Stupid. Why am I writing this??? Umm.. I think people who have blogs will understand. If you have your own blog, and someone has just stopped to comment then you should understand tht tht poor fellow is getting treated for 'stupidity styndrom' at a mental hospital near you.

I am increasingly getting boring. I guess I will remove the link from my orkut profile. I dont want my friends to tell you all the lies that I have served here to you.