tum ho kali toh gulaab hum hain
honthon se lagaa lo toh sharaab hum hain
kahte hain log ki kharab hum hain
teri har baat ka jawaab hum hain.
lajwaab hum hain.
apne hee haanthon se kamaya hua khane wale
haq na paraya kabhi khayenge...

mere pass kothi hai na car sajni
kadka hai tera dildaar sajni.
kothi bangla na mujhe car chaiye
dil chahiye dildaar chahiye
chal phir chaliye
soniye ni baliye
dil ki hee duniya basayenge...

dar pe khade hai kalyaan kar doh
kaam koi ek toh mahaan kar doh
kharcha dahej ka bhi bach jaayega
lage haanthon kanyaa ka daan kar doh
kanyadaan kar doh
kabhi kabhi tere ghar tirath samajh kar
darshan ko hum aayenge.

le jaayenge le jaayenge dilwale dulhaniya le jaayenge.

NICE. Movie I mean. Chor machaye shor. Want to watch it again. has been such a long time.

Anyway, I wanted to write about many things. my understanding of 'kool'. and 'haat'. And i also wanted to write about how we are generally indifferent to new people - and its only that we have spent enuf time with them - or they affect our life in some way - that we finally have an opinion about them - that whether we like them or hate them - but there are some rare cases when we suddenly come to realise that we like someone even when we know nothing about them but that "one" thing.

But given that i said 'wanted', most probably i am not going to write about them.

today i am going to write about Shatrughan Sinha.

- aaye toh kah dena ki Chhainu aaya tha. bahut garmi hai khoon mein toh besak aa jaaye maidaan mein. par aaiyenda agar mere kisi ladke ko haath lagaya toh mohalle kaa muhalla uda dunga.

have you watched 'Mere Apne'? directoral debut of Gulzar?

ANyway this post is not about Gulzar. its about shatrughan sinha.

Have you watched kalicharan? sara sahar mujhe lion ke naam se jaanta hai.

so there is this scene. apna kalicharan, who is an SP now goes to this mohalla where mitti ka tel is not available to generaal public as the sahukaars are selling it in black market. sahukaars are as always in sanrkshan of a local gunda - DANNY. another super actor.

so danny is sitting on the chabutara across a tree. and they see each other and well-wishers of our SP boy are in tension as they know nobody ever dares to mess with danny. but kalicharan does. and then danny gets up. and to everyone's amazement he has just one leg. shtru is obviously impressed that a man with one leg has such a reputation. and then shtru does something. he pulls out his hanky and ties up the lower part of his leg to his thighs so that now, even he can use his only one foot.

now i know the credit for this brilliant sequence should go to subhash ghai, or any hollywood movie tht he copies it from.

but the way shtru pulled it off is amazing.

my hands hurt by typing.

have you seen kala paththar?

so mcmohan (sambha) is local hero in gambling. he never loses. now you should know the setting of casino royale where they play three patta (i dont know the name of game, k??).but i think same rules as poker apply here as well. so they have three cards. each one of them. and mcmohan has three jacks. shatru has two kings and one tikki, chaukki or something.

now i knew that shtru will win somehow. so i thot he will do something and finally have another king in place of tikki.

now they show their cards. three jacks. mcmohan is happy. shatru shows what he has. and goes ahead and snatched the money from mcmohan. mcmohan is devastated.

- par yeh toh sirf doh baadshah hain.

Naye saal ka pahla jaam, aapke naam.

Do you ever feel that you had had a great opportunity to say something (funny) and you missed it? And later you actually figure out the ‘right’ thing that you should have said that would have impressed the crowd?

I have heard the saying ‘it s better to keep mum and be thought dumb, then to actually speak you mind out and let world confirm their assumption (of you being an idiot!)’. technically I never heard it. It was ‘signature’ statement of one of my classmate in IIT days. God he was. But lets not talk about Gods here. There are too many of them. 2 from my own batch actually. Will have to write one post on each of them.

For initial few years, I did not care about the saying stated above. I just thot it was kool not to care. This attitude led to a side effect and I actually did not care about clarifying a doubt by speaking up. So basically I followed that ‘saying’ unconsciously.

But then I came into another phase (IN YOUR FACE! I love scrubs!). I figured that it was better to be thought an idiot then not trying at all. So I spoke. I actually went into hyper mode where I was doing things which bordered to annoying other people. But then, life changes.

You know what the problem with our education system is. This particular piece is dedicated to moms and dads. They should thank me for writing this paragraph. Children our often taught things that their innocent slash annoying mind is not able to graph; purely because they haven’t experienced that. They are taught never to lie. In text books of course. And I wouldn’t mind it actually. Anyway, the deal is that they just follow whatever you say blindly. For sometime. Then they grow up a little. They come to know that it is not a big deal to lie. They actually think it rewarding to lie at times. But then they grow up. For real. And a grown up man, hopefully understand that morality is a funny subject. Often people who teach morality are afraid. They are afraid that the comfortable system that they have become so used to must be protected by forcing those who are headless to obey it unquestioningly. But they know the fabric of morality is very elastic and could be stretched to infinity by a person who is capable of doing so. But still that grown up kid will not choose to lie. Most probably, because he has gotten bored to catering lies as lousy excuses, but hopefully because he doesn’t want to lie. Anyway, why am I writing all this???

The message I so craftfully wanted to pass on to my huge base of reader is that life comes full circle. And most of the thing that we are taught in school (and that you followed religiously as a kid) are the things that you would follow when you realize that you are old enough to die. Yeah, you are right now if you think that I consider myself old enough to die. But I wouldn’t say I am a grown up man now. I would have to get laid first to do that. Wow. I am writing all the funny things with such great speed. I am proud of myself. You should have a look at my smirking face.

Yeah. So all this not some random shit (which is often good, btw, random shit is good!) but relevant. I think its good. If you don’t say much. Chances are that if you follow that saying religiously people will eventually come to think that you are smart. Believe me its true. (Take it from an idiot. But I still talk random things at times! Lets just say that I have gone a step ahead. Will talk about that later (And that is a sure NEVER! I hope u understand that!))

Ok. So a friend left Bangalore. Yesterday. Oh. Yes. On the last day of year. He had joined us a few months back. Three months roughly. And jus for clarification – we were not really ‘friends’ for first two months. But then things change. The day, I was told that he is going to leave the company, we walked down to our houses after dinner. He owns a pizza restaurant in Nagpur. Pizza Time. If you are ever in Nagpur, go and taste it. I am sure it would be promising. Because, for starters, he is damn serious about his business.

Ok. So yesterday we had his farewell. And now I know what I should have said when it was mu turn to say something – “…. (…signifies random things), … And he has also asked me to join his restaurant as a delivery boy. FINNALY, I will be rich”

Here’s to him.