did you notice that 'if' is the middle word in life?

well i had not. only if.

so i finally finished catcher in the rye. if you want to know more about a person you read his favourite book. you want to know more about yourself, you re-read your favourite book.

kuch jyada hee originality ho gayee.

so one of my friends from iit is here on his RA ship assignment. i used to hate these guys who would leave their jobs for higher studies. makes you feel that they have some plan. anyway, so i went with him to forum and he told me that he is going to meet a childhood female friend. so one thing that i will remember and may be they will remember as well is that i went twice to take a leak.

anyway, that was not what i wanted to write about. so this friend of mine went to rest room as well and i was left with her. i asked her if she wanted something to eat. she said no. she asked if i was a very close friend of my friend. and that had me thinking for some time. but i finally came with the best answer. i told her that we actually had a very close common friend.

in other news i am going home this diwali. i had booked my train tickets and i was to leave bangalore on tuesday. you see we have only one weekly train that runs on tuesday. but when i applied for leave i took leave from monday onwards thinking that may be i will book another train that runs on saturday. i will go till nagpur may be and then take a train onwaards to raipur.

and i was pretty tensed about it. so much damn planning. and i thot abt it the whole night. and then i said WTF!!! i booked flight tickets to raipur the next day. i will be home on saturday itself now.

on a side note, i just want to thank wives of my friends for packing my lunch along with their husbands'. i get a hard time getting used to the word 'bhabhi'.