What is a named range in excel? How is it useful? - Named Ranges are a powerful tool in Excel that allows you to assign a meaningful name to a single cell or a range of cells. For example, you can assign the name "TaxRate" to cell C1 and then use the name "TaxRate" anytime you would normally use the cell C1, such as =A5*TaxRate.

There are 3 advantages to using Named Ranges:

* Formulas are more readable and meaningful. A formula like =A5*TaxRate is more meaningful to you when you are working with a complex worksheet.
* Named Ranges, by default, always use absolute cell references. Therefore, you don't have to worry about address translation, which occurs with relative cell references, when you Copy/Paste or Fill Down/Right cell ranges. (For more information about absolute and relative cell references, click here.)
* Named Ranges make it easier to create well organized and attractive workbooks. You can use a named reference, rather than a cell address, in formulas, and then define that name to a specific cell after you've designed the workbook. With Named Ranges, you won't have to edit and change the dependent formulas. Just change the reference of the name.
What is the difference between a function and a subroutine in VBA? What is the difference in declaration? - A function returns a value, a subroutine does not. Sub vs. function as .
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