Is it just me or mosquitoes in Gurgaon are smarter than mosquitoes in Raipur? It used to be real hard work to get mosquitoes killed in my Gurgaon home. Here at Raipur, they seem to be not caring about their life. Not caring about one's life.. Is that dumbness or enlightenment?

So at least after a couple of years, I have been home for Diwali. It was a good trip. I did make some good decisions. Visited people who matter. I need to be better at articulating my decisions and getting into telling mode than asking mode when really it is my decision to make.

Also I wanted to thank ladies who are kind enough to visit me in my dreams. I am generally an unsatisfied sleeper which is to say that after hours of lying on the bed, I don't feel I have slept at all. It's more like I lose my senses and drop to sleep. Anyways lately I'm very aware of my dreams and whenever I realize that I have been dreaming I kind of feel happy thinking that dreaming means sleeping. So these three nights so far I have dreamt of women. In the very first case it was Britney. In the second case it was a colleague. In the third case it was someone that I can't remember now. Now a question to my large female followers - was writing about these dreams a good idea?

as Indians we want someone else to take care of our problems?

We? Am I really eligible to speak on behalf of a billion people?

I want to take a road that someone has already taken. I want to achieve mediocre goals that some body has already achieved. I want to go out there and achieve slightly better than the average.

I went to Himachal this week. This was first time when I was above 4000 meters from sea level. Height does give you a different perspective. That could explain people taking high roads to mountain for self discovery.

Did I discover myself all over again? Short answer is no.

The road from Manali to Rohtang was really something. In about 50 kilometers, we went up by 2000 meter. The road was narrow and steep and full of fellow travellers. I thought if I ever ran out of ideas for making life interesting, i will learn to drive and try to make it alive to the end of the road.

The driver was a great teacher as well. He never reacted to minor incidents happening on the road. and always kept left. That could be a great way of leading a life - always keeping left.

Food was amazingly non spicy. Most of eating places and guest houses were maintained by a couple of people.