This is a test –blog. 1, 2, 4. 1, 2, 4.


  1. 4-2-1

  2. pagal ho gaya hai tu! :p

  3. gazal, mishty

    hehe. yaa, this post was posted (did u know?? posts are often posted!) via email. kool na?

  4. this is a test reply.....1,2,4....4,2,1.....I think there is a problem....Its not letting me type any 3s!!!

  5. ady,

    hehe! aapne bhi dil chahta dekhi hai phir! :D

  6. Yep....Of course I had to do the hard work of modifying it for your blog! Phew! I'm sweating already!

  7. hard work always pays off. see, hum kitna khus huye!

  8. 1 2 ka 4

    4 2 ka 1

    your name is not lakhan(were you born when this movie was released)

    and if yes,then you too seem to be smitten by Mr.Ghai...Subash Ghai(after Farah Khan)

  9. gazal mam, aah i just checked imdb. the movie was released in 1989. so its my misfortune that i was already born by that. and i am definitely a big fan of Mr Ghai..Saabhash Ghai. Kaalicharan being my fav.