sunday evening. end of another weekend. life sux.

and i know i havent been writing much lately. and i know i should. writing witty and hilarious and great posts at least made me feel like a true stud. for a change.

anyway. so whats in the menu today?

i want to write about one particular incidence when i sang "imtahaan ho gayee intezaar ki" in loo. i also want to write about my own versions of some songs. and believe me they are hilarious. at least too me. my own versions of some tv ads as well. i am very attached to word 'judaai' baai the way. ' judaai, juddai.. hai yeh kaise judaai', 'chaar dino ka pyar ho rabba, badi lambi judaai' are some songs which have my versions. anyway, we went to a kool place for water rafting last weekend. and i suddenly remebered this mountain dew ad. "Darr sabko lagta hai. **** sabki phat-ti hai." ok. forget it.

so is that it? what about the other open ended posts that i have always wanted to write about?? what about those incidents that i have always thot as hilariously "bloggable"? what about that specifically hilarious moments from movie "Hum kisi se kum nahi" that i watched few days ago? yes the same movie with song "chaand mera dil".

what about writing that ultra sophisticated, senti and feel-good post that i wanted to end with a "life is good" punch line? and what abt that post which will make all haat, single and dumb gals fall in love with me? and what abt tht post which starts with "jaane kahan gaye woh din, kahte the teri raah mein taaron ko hum bichhayenge" song?

any way, blogging for me is one way of telling to world that i am kool and studd. i have never really seen it as story of my life. becus there are so many things that i dont write about. and they are the things that truly define me. another post on blogging. sex. sux*. damn!