I want to write something funny. But after becoming 24 I don’t feel that need to impress the crowd. But I still want to write something funny. Gotta remind myself.


I am sure if I had not written the above line and just gone ahead with whatever funny – crap I had, it would have been nice. But then I like starting from the start. I used to read prefaces of my text books. Who does that?!


We take things for so bloody granted. And it turns out that we do quite ok with all the assumptions and ignorance. What were the chances that I would know you – but I do. And aren’t you just happy that you know a wonderful and brilliant personality like me?! I don’t like quoting someone. I would rather forge it as something my own. But still our VP once - in one of those sessions which are supposed to prove the authority - quite casually said that life is a truth table. So many things have to go right to have a job successfully completed. And I liked that.


And what the fuck are our priorities??! Seriously. Most useless things occupy our minds for most of the times. Yes, I am talking on everyone’s behalf. Our happiness is so much dependent on others. Our existence needs validation. We are so confused. Experimenting in our urge to discover ourselves. And that sounds ok. Right! But what exactly is ours? what is something that makes us happy. And it will make you happy whenever you see it. It can be taken away from you. But you will still feel happy thinking about it. Yes – now I will give examples like – solving a really tough physics problem or the thought of having a smoke with a friend in staff canteen – and people will think of the anticlimax and how I could not justify the build up.


Boy1! I am on a roll!