dhen te nan!

you know how people list down the things they want to do before they turn 30?!

we went and watched kaminey today. swine flu. shit.

i have a major communication problem. and its worse that i have acknowledged it.

but i think i know where the problem is. i assume. i stop in between thinking that the next person has understood what i was about to speak. i also tend to interrupt the speaker assuming that i have understood what they wanted to say.

and it is quite visible in this blog as well. i am not bothered at all if the readers understand a bit about what i am writing. but here at least i can pretend that i dont give a damn.

anyway. i havw finally figured the first item in my to-do list before i die. i want to shout 'bharat mata ki jay' right after the national anthem is played in a movie theatre.