i suddenly realised. may be this are the most productive days of my life. or is it just this age. i am almost 25. i am in that phase of my life i guess. where finally i know how stupid i was before.. and where i kind of imagine myself looking at this post in another 10 years and saying..'aah! boy, i was annoyingly stupid.'.

i just asked the man the other day to stop bringing times of india and start bringing the hindu. and it felt good.

i guess its the age. you know you define your moral boundary sort of stuff. and i guess its the work as well. i would have said that may be i am happy but i am superstitious with that sort of stuff.

and we are watching ab tak chappan and guru in parallel. and whenever this friend of mine has the remote and guru is coming on some channel, he makes it point that we see it. and this thot came to my mind, that may be he does it to make sure that i watch it. of course, this story would have sounded romantic instead of gay, if my roomie was a girl. but i like the idea. i will include it when i make my movie.

and i am reading three men on (in??) a boat. man its funny.