It was a Saturday. I got a call from my brother in law. He said that he was forced to observe fast on the occasion of Shivaratri. And I thought I will not eat today as well. I thought I will do it the proper way and hence not drink water as well. I felt ridiculous at the thought of not having done it before. 27 years already, high time. But then I became little reasonable. I said I will drink water. So I went to meet my friend as planned. He asked me whether I wanted to eat. I said no. He said OK and started eating. And I started eating as well.

Why am I writing this? I definitely had a point.

Yes. So I am trying to define ultimate rule set. Things that I will do when encountered with the mammoth task of making a decision.

So I went home. I didn't smoke for a week. While I was at it I though that I will not smoke again for rest of my life. I had tried that before. I met recently-to-be-engaged Mr J and I thought that I will smoke as soon as I had company. I came back and did not smoke for 5 days. Then I smoked again. Today I smoked again. What is the rule set here?

One rule, working for sure, is that all rules can be bent. Unless I make that an official rule and then break it. Not funny at all.

But what's with this? I think it could be a good life. Rule based. I am experimenting with them. That's the only way to truth. Experiments. Otherwise you will never know.

I am procrastinating again. You would not believe it but I spelled that in one shot straight. I get a feeling that I am about to do something. I just need to get the feeling that I am 'in the moment'. For quite sometime I have been looking at myself as someone from outside. I need to take control, talk less and do something.