new year special

few quick lines before i wrap up the year

what is the summary? who or what is the year dedicated to? my niece wins by a large margin.

life is a great balancing act. i am going to give positivity its importance. everything has positive sides. everything.

and so i was going to say how i have been aware of some bad decisions but then i realize it is a cycle and your opinions change. yes i am going to control how i am going to change.

what are the learnings?

proactivity has a value. things never have same effect if you do it after being reminded of.

take some time. always take your time.

speak clearly. speak to an audience. dont speak to yourself. speak honestly. trust that people are intelligent.

marriages.. how many of them got married already.


a sense of loss
only if i could always be in that constant tension
i would have deviced ways to take off my mind, only unseccessfully, doing great things on the way
hoping that one day, i could have some sense of pride
to tell her that i deserved her
but that will never be
and somewhere i never expected to be accepted
but just be able to tell and have her listen.