acm update

its been quite some time that i wrote down anything.

this post is dedicated to two people at work actually.

so i was interviewed by ns. he is a lively character. i often tell him that his interview was the reason i joined dh. but then i tell that to everyone who had interviewed me. anyway, i got this award in the all company meeting and in the post party, ns came to me and said 'i am really proud of you.' and i knew he meant it. this post is an excuse to have this event documented. dh is famous for its parties btw. i also remember the christmas party and i had just started to have dinner. ns comes near me and tells me that there are two kinds of people. ' people who dance and people who watch. i have always been a person who dances.' so he drags me with him to the dance floor, seeks attention of a girl i havent ever spoken to and tells her that i have never danced with a girl in my life. ns is of course an old timer and demands alot of respect. girl laughs and starts dancing with me. i crack some joke about how this is most wonderful moment of my life and she laughs. i want to thank her.

the other person that demands special mention is si. si is a fresher ans has just started out on her job. of course at the beginning she didnt have any idea of what she was required to do so a lot of my time went into her onboarding process. anyway she is a sweet girl and we have communicated extensively through emails, oc and phone. yes she is located in a different geographical situation and we have been looking forward to this annual event that brings people from different offices together. sadly, the plans for this year is different and this annual event will happen only for india office in india. but i guess that is for best i guess. the meetings always disappoint.

and my managers also took me out on lunch. that was quite sweet of them. pk joined the team and is working with me and i am glad.