I finally visited a dentist. And I feel indebted to write this post to thank them. Generally, I wouldn't mention their facilities name but I get the feeling that they are new and need all the PR they could. The clinic is MyDentist and it is located in Galleria Market, Gurgaon.

Here is a background story.

About a year ago, I wanted to have my teeth checked and visited a dentist. You know how taxing that exercise is. So the dentist tells me that I have two cavities and does the quick work of fixing it. A week after that, I know the work was not perfect and I can feel that cavities are not entirely filled. Worse, now I have the annoying condition of food getting stuck in my teeth.

I don't visit another dentist for more than a year. You see, my faith in dentists is shaken.

Fast forward to now.

Finally, I understand the fact that my health is my responsibility. So it's an early Friday in dh and I'm in Gallaria at 4 in afternoon. I want to visit an eye clinic first. I go there and get my appointment. Then I decide that while I'm at it, I could as well visit a dentist and as a result of a random Google search land up at MyDentist.

I see the doctor attending patients and calls at reception with dexterity. She is caring and has a personal interest in her patients is my initial thought. She does a quick check up of condition of my teeth and asks me to come tomorrow. I ask her - "what are the chances that it wouldn't get fixed completely even this time" and she replied honestly that there is always a risk but she will do her best. I ask her what would be the cost expecting it to be at top decile as Gallaria in general is expensive. And she says 700 per tooth. That made me happy. I gather she is a smart woman and knows that expenses can still be met if she has enough customers visiting her. And I hope they do.

They are an all women team and they are doing their job with great level of professionalism and integrity. We need more such people in India.

Queen has become my new favourite film. Kangana is inspirational. Not just in film but the way she seems to have evolved. Doing her own thing. Knowing the secret that nobody knows anything worth knowing. Why not just do what feels right.

However, the trigger for this blog post was this answer on quora:


Not sure if you would have time to go through this answer but it has got like 7.1k upvotes on quora so in all probability it will be worth your time.

We all know how the story ends. I just wandered what impact it would have created if it ended differently. If she refused to answer stupid questions. If she refused to comply. Sure enough even that story would not be difficult to predict. Denial, anger, depression and acceptance - those are four stages of dealing with a tragedy (like lose of a loved one). I can see all of them happening here; but would it be a tragedy?

What impact will it have on a girl who is going to go through the same drill tomorrow? Will she find Parul inspirational and take the jump? Most likely not. But what if that girl negotiated a deal with her understanding family and was allowed to confess to the visiting party that cooking is not the sole goal of her life and she doesn't enjoy it.

What if Parul improvised a bit instead of being completely honest. What if she made up a story where she took a stand?!

That was the point when I realized that lies can be inspirational. So many inspirational stories - how many of them are improvised? How many of them did shape our world?

I started off with Queen. I am singing 'maine honthon se lagayee toh.. hungama ho gaya..' all the time these days. It has that room for shouting out loud that suits me just fine. Of course, literally the lyrics is about a girl who dared to drink. Metaphorically, it is much much more (like everything else. you say?!).

The song has the potential. I am going to sing it every time I challenge a norm. I hope.

Does this picture tell a story?

It's early morning of June 01. Taken from my house. Just outside my balcony.

I was watching House MD when I suddenly realized it was drizzling outside. The wind is flirting with tops of trees. They seem to like it.

Its also birthday of my niece who turns 2 today.

I am very aware of my happiness.