Where are the personal posts, you say?!

In the last few weeks, I have been visibly silent in office. Why are you so quite, these days? Asked a friend. I'm practicing silence. Said the I.

To begin with, I'm not very talkative. However, I noticed that these few days, I was kind of not very happy. Happiness, I gathered, is quite dependent on the numbers of words you speak to others. apparently. Few days, I was so very aware of the sinking feeling in my heart. It was never as describable. I could feel it being pushed deep into agony by the weight of the world.

One theme, that I have not been vocal about lately, is ignorance. I am a huge fan of ignorance. It helps me focus. Sometimes, I feel I will be fine if I'm not aware of my unhappiness. But I'm losing my superpower and there is no escaping awareness now. What would Superman do in such cases?

Speaking of superpowers, another superpower that I've lately been aware of, is meeting expectation. I have same affinity towards unmet expectations, as weightless photons towards black holes. I am sure there is name for this medical condition. Good thing is that I'm working on this.