a year that was

Finally, I think we have reached to my favourite part of the year - when it ends.

So what were highlights of this year?

I have another niece now.
I have a house now.
Diwali was special. I am glad I visited people that I visited.

It was also the year when I took that leap of faith. 

It was the year of Rahul. Of beer parties every night.

AC got selected. 

It was also the year that our house was robbed.

I also donated quite a lot this year. Of course, this was a year of aam aadmi party and Indian General Elections. Of the realization that I can still get inspired. And change is possible.

This was also the year I read Guide.

Professionally, installed single node hadoop cluster. vbscripting to order sas reports from outlook. a lot of shell scripting. Modular programming in SAS in a way that just made sense - product, date, store, customer.

More importantly, I want to move into a CTO + Solution Design role - very technology focused.

What are the priorities for next year? We must lose virginity - said Maggu and I agreed.

I would like to read more books. I will definitely read History of India.

I will build my capability in Hadoop and R technologies.

I will also make a mobile app.

I will also write often here. 10 short stories, maybe.

I will be more aware, more content, more proactive.

This will also be year when I start a revolution.