I will try to have a normal start. Its almost 3 years since my introduction to blogging world. I have survived it a long time. I have thought few times about giving it up altogether. but I don’t want to say ‘never’. And I surely won’t post a farewell post. I will just go away. And hopefully comeback. And that said, its implied that this is surely not the last post. So don’t you try to be too happy!


But I would definitely like to leave blogging one day. Somehow I feel that bloggers are basically sad people. I think there are few exceptions and I just hope that I am right. And there is this thing about me. I would leave blogging one fine day, just to be able to come back years later, and write how things have been with me. It will be like meeting an old friend.




  1. blogging is a hobby ... zyada soch mat tu!!

    n plz dont leave ..... :(

  2. i wud like to think that blogging is more than just a hobby. aur tu chinta naa kar..jyada sochne ke liye dimaag chahiye hota hai.

    and no i am not leaving. not like this.

  3. what was this ??

    a threat post??

    "bloggers are sad people"

    i take offence !!!

    congrats for completing three years

  4. threat??? i know that my leaving this place will be a great loss to blogging world(and in general humanity) but i doubt that thers anybody out thr who appreciates this fact.

    aur offence woffence mat lo madam. i said there are exceptions. and i may be wrong. and i hope i am wrong.

  5. Hmm.. I smell something fishy.. kya natak hai? tere sms ka reply nahin kiya isliye?