Well, blogging is a serious business. For me, at least. I mean you don’t blog for few days and you feel like you are very busy and mature and you start wondering that how you even started as stupid a thing as blogging. Anyway, I am writing crap now. The problem with people like me is that we write crap and then we say that its crap to make people aware that we might write crap but we know that we write crap and we don’t give a crap if someone thinks that we write crap but we sure give some crap about the fact that people must definitely not think of us as stupid morons with a superiority complex and that is why we make it absolutely clear at the very beginning that we write crap. The chances are that after reading the last line, anyone in his right state of mind will not continue reading it. But the last sentence that I wrote just now, would definitely make him wait for a while and force him to go on and read another sentence. Well, my friend this is a genuine advice, don’t go on. Please.

Well, I want to talk some sense now. Conviction is a funny thing. You have gotta be utterly stupid to absolutely believe in something. There is another side of the story. You are so intelligent that you know the truth and you stick to it. And then there are the ones who fall in between. They are not stupid enough to believe in something unquestioningly and not smart enough to see the truth. Well, as you have rightly guessed I think of myself in this category. But not very far from being a complete idiot. So I gotta try little harder and become one. Crap.

I want to talk some more sense now. Experience must help one in defining shit. You should never buy shit. There are people who can sell shit. If you are not one of them, you are the one who will be buying shit from one or other. So if you are able to recognize shit the benefit is two fold. You will never buy shit and you can actually sell shit. Ok now if you are impressed with this paragraph, then you know who you are.

Anyway, being truthful and sticking to your conviction is a long term investment. If you stick, you will have your rewards for sure. But if you don’t, it is not necessary that you will regret. In fact you can end up better. Crap again.

You know I absolutely despise creature who are themselves very pathetic but try hard to project the image of one who know things. But I don’t despise myself. I must be exceptional.


  1. maan gaye sattu, teri paar ki nazar, aur bass wahi! Mature ho raha hai tu to! :D

  2. aur nirma super??

    hehe. do u remember that ad? the shop had nothing but nirma super inside it.

    yeh nahi.. woh. hehe. hilarious.

  3. i do! :D loved that Ad. yar :-) 'ye nahi wo' he he