Whoever pursues a dream, is a runner.


Sometimes  I wonder how it would be. Reading this blog of mine in distant future. Would I be able to recollect what really was happening in my life back then? Would I look at my posts and think that I used to write so well and given that in future I will be rich and frustrated, wud I wonder ‘what happened?’. I have always romanticized sadness. Would I look at my posts and feel that I was happy back then, the way now I look at my childhood and think that I was really happy at some specific moments.


I really want to write about this week. I am really not very much into expecting things from people. And then when they do do thing that I don’t expect, it feels freaky at times. As in, seriously. It wasn’t a big deal. But it really feels so good wen someone makes you realize that they care.


So I have been working for almost a year now. And in start wen I had just joined in, one of the seniors, who is actually from my college, called me ‘beta’ out of nowhere. Earlier I was not sure and looked around to make sure that he was actually talking to me and not someone else. Anyway, everything was fine except one thing. One of the colleagues in my team, a girl actually, started laughing with her friend. ‘Isne tumko ‘beta’ bulaya kya??’ I laughed as I really don’t believe in disappointing people and would laugh at anything if they expect me to laugh. Anyway, as it turned out that he, the senior, had actually called her ‘beti’ a while ago and hence I got a sister and a baap in the organization.


Anyway, this was a good week, satish!


Most probably dated: 05Jul2008