So whats up? I have no idea why I am no longer able to narrate events taking place in my life. Or is it just that there is absolutely nothing happening in my life? No. I think I don’t want to write whatever is happening in my life. Firstly because I won’t be able to exactly narrate those moments of not-so-extreme happiness. Secondly. This blog is about high thinking. I mean you are already living your life. And now you want to write it down??!! I mean wont you get bored of life?? Ok. I like writing crap.


Anyway, so sometimes a wish there was no break. Because, whenever there is a break. I physically take a break but in the back of my mind, I am always thinking about uncompleted task. And I just think. I don’t exactly do anything to get done with everything. I am a loser.


And what the heck has happened to me?? I am not even writing about love? I mean everyone can write about love. And as long as I am able to write anything unconventional, new on the topic, I am the boss. Love is something that is used to justify extreme cases of insanity in people who are not insane. Ok. Crap. Anyway, let me talk about it little more. Have you seen Matrix Reloaded? My favourite scene is one where neo meets the architect. The room that he gets into, had these small screens, remember? And in each of the screens, you will see, one of the possible ways in which neo will respond to the architect. Genius.  


Ok, I wanted to write about how matrix reloaded is related to love. But let’s chuck it.




  1. nooooooo.... let's not chuck it...plz plz...write it :)

  2. hehe.

  3. I like the title of your blog..the greatest blog ever!!And its funny.

  4. yes please write..
    would blogger10 write exactly the same about love as bloggers1-9?
    same choices same expressions??
    m curious!!

  5. sara,
    thankyou. i know i am too much.

    you are talking like architect. i like it.

  6. //I have no idea why I am no longer able to narrate events taking place in my life.//

    am going thro a similar phase.
    and i have no idea why....

    long time

  7. gazal,

    yaa, long time