So I think. At times. Actually often. Some really profound thought.

So when I could not figure out why people thought that ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stranger’ was a profound statement, I thought. And I thought profoundly.

The profound thinking actually died away in sometime. And I wouldn’t be writing this post if I had not seen Van Helsing, an animation series, where the protagonist says ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. And then I watched ‘A Dark Knight’ again. I actually wanted to see the robbery part where joker actually says the above mentioned dialog. But then, I have heard so many people say so many profound things about the movie that I decided to watched it again for the ‘n’th time. It’s a different thing that I really missed subtitles but I think I got whatever was profound about the movie.

SO back to the statement ‘Whatever…whatever!’

So I actually thought ‘whatever’ was actually whatever you can think of. Like say Tiger biscuit. It doesn’t kill you and hence it should make you stronger. Profound indeed. You eat Tiger biscuit and you become stronger. And when you eat Tiger biscuit you will more likely to be friends with dogs than human being and so it can also make you stranger.

But then after I woke up today. I thought again. And I think I got it. And it was profound.

So in both the situations the speaker is involved in some kind of battle. A life and death kind of battle. And this ‘whatever’ is most likely to be the wounds that you get while fighting. And as long as you can bear the pain and you refuse to die, you will become stronger. In that way, pain is good. In real life, you don’t get to get in real battles. But still, life itself is a battle, and you better be fighting in it, for it. And so don’t worry, you might be down, you might have lost everything – your honor, self esteem, money – but still try hard to remain alive. Because what you lost, and what you suffered will not go waste. When you stand up again, it will take more than what it did before to bring you down. I love idealism.

Now take our dear joker. He says – Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stranger. Sounds too kool if you hear him say it. Anyway, What possibly could it mean? For one thing, it might just mean that the only purpose of being alive is to be dead someday. And you should actually die at the first opportunity you get because otherwise you will become stranger – you will actually start to enjoy the feeling of having survived something that could have killed you and hence you might lose your respect for death. The other more obvious and less philosophical implication could be that the wounds will leave scars and with each scar you lose the identity that you originally had.

The obvious difference between two sets of statements is that in the first case it is spoken by the person who is most likely wounded by ‘whatever’. In the second case, the wounder (hehe.. come to think of it..i had a joke to share..All the projects that I have worked now till now have closed down (BAND) and so I am a BANDAR, as a friend called me) says it.

Anyway, I am proud of now. Not because of the profound thought – they are routine for me now. But because I actually wrote down this post.


  1. My GOD! This is indeed one of your best posts, and one of the most complicated thoughts I ever read! :D

    But I loved the joke that you ended the post with :D

    Keep rocking!! and keep posting!!

  2. hehe. Thanks. 'complications' is in now.