There is so much going on in life. Sometimes I feel I am making it a way bigger deal than it actually is. Anyway, its all part of the learning.

Again, I am thinking whether to give context or not. If you provide enough context almost everything can be justified. And that I think is not good. I have never appreciated both sides of the coin better.

I was going through my blog recently. And I thought that it was quite a blog. And then I thought what happens if I lose it. I searched for how to take back-up of a blog. Anyway, the whole thing sounds stupid. (Cos I could save them in my email..but then I will have to take back up of my emails and so on..)

And I am again working crazy hours now. But this time, I am quite uneasy. Every minute I think if I should quit it all. I never though that recent incidences will have this much effect on me. For my own sake, I think I should write some more.


I just thought for whole 60 seconds and I think I will be bored to death if I wrote it all.

Anyway, I am going through this mood changes in office lately. I don't like it. I should not do that anymore. It gives me a feeling of fakeness. Both ways. If I am playing serious, I always think that the attention seeker in me is doing it. But if I am not serious, then I am basically not being me.

This blog post sucks. When I started writing this, I thought I will get fan emails from all over the world. Not happening anymore.

Human race has come a long way. So much has gone into establishing the systems, it will be hard to think that there was a time they did not exist. Governments, traffic systems, corporates! Who could think all this?! The world will end soon. Human race is the most logical weapon to take on such a mammoth task.

I love philosophy. I think that would play a big part in me deciding which of the millions of girls out there I marry. Yeah, I think I will marry. Or may be not.

Aah. Its been long that I went to theater to watch a movie. I think I should go.