Today, I was extremely sad. The whole day. I could not go home. Everyone called and told me that they missed me. Work Sux big time. I feel like quitting it all. I know for sure that it is not worth it at all.

then i thot. and i realized that i will never be happy again. i was watching 'Touch' and i knew that i will never be able to sit on a bench in front of a garden and be happy knowing that I exist. Its been so long that I connected with a fellow human being. Most of the time i am in front of my laptop. Rest of the time in front of TV. Rest of the time mobile. Rest of the time I am trying to sleep. Rest of the time I am trying to read.

my list of resolution, mostly quit -
1. smoking
2. watching tv
3. late night work hours
4. watching porn
5. self persecution

do -
1. breath
2. talk
3. just know that you are not a president running a country