long vacation

this series could have very well saved my life. i was new in delhi. did not have many friends. did not have a parmanent accomodation. it was new years. i watched it all night and felt happy. thanks to mag as well.

in all my ignorance, i cant recall how many times i was on edge and saved by mysterious forces so on the face.. so very invisible. now i think of it..rather try to think of them.. but cant recall when i was very fragile. when..? now but never before.. or always? they always come to your rescue. dont they?! i am talking about s and m i guess.

long vacation in a japanese tele series by the way and was given to me by a friend at a time when i did not even know about it. i guess he just figured that i would need it one day.

a got married. he is just a kid. i hope he has all the happiness. went to hrishikesh and then haridwar. surprisingly pleasant. explored downtown. good beer i must say.


  1. so deep, subtle, and yet warm.

    mmuahh :* :D