what you're really meant to do?

The title of this post is title of the book that I am reading currently. The book comes recommended from a former boss. Many people - including me - looked up to him. He was effortlessly and effectively honest.

I have just read first chapter of the book. For effective reading of subsequent chapters, the author suggests five rules.
1) Believe that justice will prevail
2) Beware of conventional wisdom
3) Act like an owner of your life and your choices
4) Be realistic and adopt to circumstances
5) Be open to learning

At the end of the chapter, he suggests some exercises in form of writing down answers of few questions and I thought this blog was an excellent place for me to do that. Firstly, the blog is not widely read. Secondly, it will be readily accessible to me for a long period of time.

Q: Write down your definition of success?
A: 1) To be able to express myself fearlessly
    2) Work towards equality
    3) Build a commercially successful product
Q: Write down the steps you believe you will need to take to achieve your dreams
A: 1) Be a master of metaphors. Practise incremental expressions and probe the limits. Undestand your listener - their weeknesses and strengths.
    2) Promote equality at a personal level. Seek power to be able to make systemic changes that promote equality.
    3) Be great with technology. Always stay in touch with technology.

Few additional thoughts:

Happiness intentionally left out of the list. Seeking happiness is like seeking examples of great presentation in google. Presentations about great presentations are rarely great.

Expressing myself - why does that top the list? It is such a powerful idea that I didn't have to list points 2 and 3. It also captures the essense of my worst fears that force me into a shell.

Building a product - That is my idea of owning a business. It keeps you occupied. It can empower you and others.