Today's fortune: A thrilling time is in your immediate future

yupp. thats what it is now, i guess. today is a sunday. and i am in my office. these two sentences can be used to derive a conclusion (that i am in office on a sunday!) and ask - what the duck am i doing in my office on a sunday?

and the horrible memories of the first week of our moving into our 18k apartment comes back to me. they had said - 'store water'. and we had thought they were just kidding. but even then we asked for clarifications - 'kyun sir?? paani ki problem hai kya?'. and they said it was nothing serious. and so we moved in. and water flowing through taps was not a surprise. and then we slept. and then we woke. to a new morning - 'its a new day, its a new start (Aage ka pata nahi)' playing on the backdrop. and then we found out. No water.

abe yaar. seriously. whats wrong with me. i dont feel like completing the tale now. so the crux of the matter is that we survived a whole one week without water. can you believe that?? we will see some aunty's house's fountain spilling truck load of water, hear some aunty's cooker's city(the thing that goes up to relieve pressure with the sound zhhhhhhhoooom. earlier i thot that i didnt know its angrezi name to begin with. but now i remember that i had drawn it on one of my engineering drawing class (jissmein maine fight maarke panji yaa chhakki yaa satti lagaa li thi) so i must have known its name at that point in time.) and think ki - 'vidhata yeh anyaay kyun?? abhi toh hamaari umra bhi itni nahee huyee ki hum apne paapon ka ghadaa bhar paate. log yahan favvare lagaa rahe hain. apne cars wash kar rahe hain. aur hamaare ghar mein hugaa maarne ke liye paani nahi. kyun??'

and we will reach our office at 8 sharp ( on sundays, we could afford to be late) aur sab ke sab baathroom mein. log soch rahe hain. ki kya ho raha hai?? and the feeling that you get when you do something that you usually dont do; the feeling that everyone has stopped working and looking at what you are doing, made it sure that i dont enjoy the half an hour (i know that sounds a lot of time!) inside toilet that is so truly the best half an hour of anyone's day. and dont get your mond overworked. i am only talking about the act of defecating. who else here except me also thinks that grossness is very funny?????? :|

anyway i copy pasted today fortune because testing times have returned. god help us!

Added later: My blog sucks. now, infact, it stinks.


  1. Thnx for stopping by my blog :-)

  2. water woes !!!

  3. Donst,
    even im facing water crisis..aaj mere bhi flat par paani nahi aaya morning mein ....padosh mein frnds ka ghar jaana pada