Yeh hai estyle…

Yeh hai Ssstyle..

Long time no see. And here I was expecting to see some fan mails pleading for mercy and insisting that I write. In this hope I didn’t even tell anyone that I was home (such a lovely phrase!) this holi. Yeah, I went home. And on my way back here, I even dropped into (hehe, my angrezi is a funny language!) Mumbai. Met some friends. And drank vodka with lemonade. So it was gud. Except the fact that life sux. By definition.

So whats the news?? Mere haath hare aur laal ho chuke hain.

So what was it that I wanted to write? I was thinking about writing about myself. And it was after I realize that I sudnt be worried about letting people see the REAl me as everytime I come up with the description of ‘REAL’ me, I find that that’s totally not me to my utter surprise. So one of the many things we can do here is type what we thinks about wishself. (hehe! Too funny!)

Its damn boring. The only thing that worries me nowadays is that I am too introspective and one day I will die. Confused. And as there must be some contradiction, I also think that even if I did figure out everything about life, happiness and universe, I wud be too old(may be on deathbed) to look life from that perspective and live it. So there I go. Or it may be that perspectives will change. Whatever. People tell things not knowing that they are confused and what they do is nothing but plagiarism but they are still confident. And in that sense ignorance is bliss. You go to buy mobile phones without information and then weep for the rest of your life. in that case ignorance is not that blissful.

Anyway. Where was I? Haan. You have seen V for Vendetta and you talk about personal freedom. Okk..forget it.

And, I remember that we often say ‘system hee bekaar hai’. And one particular day I suddenly realized that this is so true. It’s the system that has helped western countries develop. It’s the system that has kept us from moving forward. Seriously. System suxx. System is everything. An efficient system will lead to more amount of work for a given amount of energy. Hehe. Yeah. Kam akal engineer.

What else??


  1. Donst,
    Quoting frm ur blog "An efficient system will lead to more amount of work for a given amount of energy"...bilkul sahi baat hai be , mera bhi system saala hamesha theek rehta hai to bahut kaam karna padta hai ...kisi din to lagta hai ki fod doo ise...atleast kaam se thoda aaram to rahega bans na bajegi bansuri ....kaisi kahi Donst??

  2. donst..mere donst.. tumne yeh post pad liya..woh bhi complete.

    *khuns ke aanshun*

    dost.. system ko bilkul sahin pahchana hai tumne. tumne prove kar diya be ki great minds think almost alike.

  3. mehendi achhi lag rahi hai :-) But tere haanthon mein?? tu theek to hai na? :P

  4. its been long since i last had mehendi on my hand. is baar mauka mila toh lagwa liya. :)

  5. mehendi rang layee hai donst :P

  6. oh..okay..gud;)

  7. Ab ladka sayana ho gaya hai, uske haathon mein mehendi lag gayi hai! :P

    kya hero, itna soch matt tu, not good for your little brain!

    You have to be in the system to change the system, if you want to! :)

    kya yaar, main bhi subah subah bakwas kar rahi hoon! :p

  8. Mehndi laga ke rakhna....doli saja ke rakhna...(*singing*)

    is this the latest fad amongst metrosexual men! !

    on the scalp,is understandable....but haathon par!?

  9. donst, mehendi toh rang laani hee thi be.

    THD(??), gud.

    CM, mehendi rang layee, yet again.

    gazal mam, mehendi toh lagaa li. doli woli sazana nahi ho paayea par.