Ok. So what did I want to write in my last post? I wanted to write about how busy I have been lately. Working crazy hours. Wondering if its really worth it. And how at times I feel that I would never be this busy in my life again. And how at times I actually think that I am working inefficiently.  Anyway, I really never want to say that I am busy. We always have time. It’s just that our priorities change.  I want to write something more about priorities and time management and shit. Chuck it.


So I had seen this short about 10 minutes long animation which used to come on TV. So a man, a real baseball enthusiast, gets married. His dream? To have 6-7 or whatever number of sons to be able to make a top baseball team of his own. Ok, his wife gets pregnant. Damn. It’s a baby girl. He says its ok. There will be another time. Another time. Another girl. And then another girl. He has faith. so ther is always another time. And after n number of years he has n girls to take care of. He is a frustrated man now. Girls grow up a little. One day he notices that girls are playing baseball. He notices that he has got just enuf number of girls to make a baseball team. But he knows that girls cant get him where his boys would have taken him. Anyway, girls make a team of their own. They are good at baseball.


Fast forward. There is this very important ladies baseball tournament going on. It’s a day of final match. Our very own sisterhood team has played brilliantly and people know that these gals will win. But the father is very anxious. He knows that his gals will lose the match. He must do something. Now there is this important point of match where the girls have to hit a homerun to ensure victory. The anxious father wears the helmet and does something to himself so that people around him wont recognize that he is he and not a she. He pulls back his daughter, a clean hitter who would have hit the first ball out of the stadium. A digression, in baseball, you get three balls to hit. If you miss all of them, it’s a strike for the pitcher. And other team will win. Father misses the two balls. Now comes the third ball. The father swings, and thinks that he missed. But the next second he sees that the ball has gone for a homerun. He has won the match for his daughters. He is proud of himself.


BUT, what did really happen? One of his daughters had come from the back and hit the ball that his father missed. Now don’t ask me how that is possible and how nobody noticed. I loved this animation.



Ohhk. I said ohhk. I definitely said ohhk. I most probably said ohhk. Ohhk.


So whats happening in my life? Seriously.. what’s happening in my life???


Nasha ye pyar ka nasha hai

Yeh meri baat yaaro maano.

Nashe mein yaar doob jaao.

Raho na hosh mein diwano.


Damn. Blogging used to be fun. I guess it still is. Anyway, I watched the dark knight. I earlier thot it was ‘dark night’. Its been quite some time since I checked IMDB. I should do that right now. Ki jab se maine tumko yeh dil de diya, meetha meetha sa dard le liya. Suno ho priya, maine tumko dil diya.




Whoever pursues a dream, is a runner.


Sometimes  I wonder how it would be. Reading this blog of mine in distant future. Would I be able to recollect what really was happening in my life back then? Would I look at my posts and think that I used to write so well and given that in future I will be rich and frustrated, wud I wonder ‘what happened?’. I have always romanticized sadness. Would I look at my posts and feel that I was happy back then, the way now I look at my childhood and think that I was really happy at some specific moments.


I really want to write about this week. I am really not very much into expecting things from people. And then when they do do thing that I don’t expect, it feels freaky at times. As in, seriously. It wasn’t a big deal. But it really feels so good wen someone makes you realize that they care.


So I have been working for almost a year now. And in start wen I had just joined in, one of the seniors, who is actually from my college, called me ‘beta’ out of nowhere. Earlier I was not sure and looked around to make sure that he was actually talking to me and not someone else. Anyway, everything was fine except one thing. One of the colleagues in my team, a girl actually, started laughing with her friend. ‘Isne tumko ‘beta’ bulaya kya??’ I laughed as I really don’t believe in disappointing people and would laugh at anything if they expect me to laugh. Anyway, as it turned out that he, the senior, had actually called her ‘beti’ a while ago and hence I got a sister and a baap in the organization.


Anyway, this was a good week, satish!


Most probably dated: 05Jul2008



haat girl: May be you want to buy me a drink?
Nash: I don't exactly know what I am required to say in order for you to have intercourse with me. But could we assume that I said all that? I mean essentially we are talking about fluid exchange right? So could we go just straight to the sex?
Alicia: You dont talk much, do you?
Nash: I cant talk to you about my work, alicia.
Alicia: I dont mean work.
Nash: I find that polishing my interactions in order to make them sociable.. requires a tremendous effort. I have a tendency to expedite the information flow.. by being direct. i often dont get a pleasant result.
Alicia: try me.
Nash: All right. I find you attractive. your aggresive moves towards me indicate that you feel the same way. but, still, the ritual requires that we continue with a number of platonic activities before we have sex. I am proceeding with those activities, but in point of actual fact, all i reaaly want to do is have sex with you, as soon as possible. are you gonna slap me now?

Well, blogging is a serious business. For me, at least. I mean you don’t blog for few days and you feel like you are very busy and mature and you start wondering that how you even started as stupid a thing as blogging. Anyway, I am writing crap now. The problem with people like me is that we write crap and then we say that its crap to make people aware that we might write crap but we know that we write crap and we don’t give a crap if someone thinks that we write crap but we sure give some crap about the fact that people must definitely not think of us as stupid morons with a superiority complex and that is why we make it absolutely clear at the very beginning that we write crap. The chances are that after reading the last line, anyone in his right state of mind will not continue reading it. But the last sentence that I wrote just now, would definitely make him wait for a while and force him to go on and read another sentence. Well, my friend this is a genuine advice, don’t go on. Please.

Well, I want to talk some sense now. Conviction is a funny thing. You have gotta be utterly stupid to absolutely believe in something. There is another side of the story. You are so intelligent that you know the truth and you stick to it. And then there are the ones who fall in between. They are not stupid enough to believe in something unquestioningly and not smart enough to see the truth. Well, as you have rightly guessed I think of myself in this category. But not very far from being a complete idiot. So I gotta try little harder and become one. Crap.

I want to talk some more sense now. Experience must help one in defining shit. You should never buy shit. There are people who can sell shit. If you are not one of them, you are the one who will be buying shit from one or other. So if you are able to recognize shit the benefit is two fold. You will never buy shit and you can actually sell shit. Ok now if you are impressed with this paragraph, then you know who you are.

Anyway, being truthful and sticking to your conviction is a long term investment. If you stick, you will have your rewards for sure. But if you don’t, it is not necessary that you will regret. In fact you can end up better. Crap again.

You know I absolutely despise creature who are themselves very pathetic but try hard to project the image of one who know things. But I don’t despise myself. I must be exceptional.