the one thing that you don't want to happen when you live alone in a lousy little 1BHK house is fall sick.

eating is the biggest problem. seriously. and its not particular to the sick-time. generally. why do i have to go and eat my lunch and dinner in same lousy place everyday???!

i am sick of everything. tired. of everything.

And getting an auto is as challenging as everyday. and i am sick of that as well.

speaking of autowallahs, here is a perfect example of stereotypes -
"saare autowale saale mad****** hote hain."

But there are facts as well -
"saare bangalore ke autowale saale mad****** hote hain."

i hate using *s in my posts. god make me more strong next time.

and i know that i sud have been smarter and put these example at the very last. no.
but i want to write more.

the only saving grace is fakeiplplayer's blog. i wont comment on the content of the blog as i find it quite ordinary and i can write funnier posts anyday. but seriously. i had a gala time going through the comments. each one of them using such nice words. aah. it was a treat. and i know that deep inside you want to go thru the experience. go right ahead. you deserve to be happy.

and talking about happiness. how many times have you said that you are happy?? and how many times have you continued to feel happy after realising that you are happy?? i know. a killer question. blessed are those who dont know that they are happy.

and all my life i have believed that people are generally idiots in an unacknowledged way. but now i think that life is such a great teacher that all idiots are here by choice. ok take a moment here - go back to the previous statement - and admire it.

ok, now if you have somehow managed to comeout of the infinite loop then you are surely too smart, huh???

its 9:30. the time to go out and eat. shit man. i hate my life. and i am thinking about deleting the last line already. but then the "now" last line will not make sense. CRAP!