long vacation

this series could have very well saved my life. i was new in delhi. did not have many friends. did not have a parmanent accomodation. it was new years. i watched it all night and felt happy. thanks to mag as well.

in all my ignorance, i cant recall how many times i was on edge and saved by mysterious forces so on the face.. so very invisible. now i think of it..rather try to think of them.. but cant recall when i was very fragile. when..? now but never before.. or always? they always come to your rescue. dont they?! i am talking about s and m i guess.

long vacation in a japanese tele series by the way and was given to me by a friend at a time when i did not even know about it. i guess he just figured that i would need it one day.

a got married. he is just a kid. i hope he has all the happiness. went to hrishikesh and then haridwar. surprisingly pleasant. explored downtown. good beer i must say.

on being asked about his connection with kolkata gulzar narrats a story followed by an almost not rhetorical question - do u believe a book can change your life? he is still talking about the book guardian from tagore. i took his question quite literally. i knew the answer was yes. all i wanted to figure out now what the book itself. 5 minutes is all it took to figure that it was concepts of physics by h c verma.

on being asked about his relationship with ghalib, he said, that he could talk to any person and talk about things important to the person. ghalib kisi se bhi baat kar sakta tha, aur ushi kee baat karta tha. i said wow. that like the greatest compliment one can pay to the greatest shayar of all time.

i dont quite remember it, but it more or less goes this way -

sharaab mat pee, maszid mein baithkar ghalib.
ghalib kahte hain - woh jagah bata de jahan khuda na ho.

btw, gulzar was interviewed on a program called aaj savere on dd 1 which comes every morning.