triple huh???

I cant believe that anyone can be this annoying. I mean first I name the title as 'triple huh???' and then I start off the post along the similar lines. So here's the most used line on my blog, used again. I seriously dont have anything great to write even this time. AAh! Feels like home now!

But I actually did have something to say, but then few of my lukkha friends took me to play cards, and after my disastrous performance , i was forced to think again if I was good at any game at all. Anyways, it would be a sad story, so I am not going to narrate it now. May be when the worst drought hits our country. Yupp!

So I have become more aware of the importance of blogging now. So after a series of suicides here, the students have finally managed to convince the management to impose a restriction on the number of hours they(students) should get to access internet. okk! The term 'students' does include me. And sorry for being this dramatic. Anyway, the thing is that we wont be able to access net in the night. And I am not complaining. Reason?? I have just few months to spend here now. hee hee! I just wish they delay it for next few months. And which is the reason I want to blog more often. I mean who knows when I wud have this much spare time and free connectivity again. So while I have a chance, I want to make a strong fan following in here at blogosphere. I am serious man. :|

So, an interesting thing happened last night. We had this tech festival going on for last three days here. So I didnt do anything, as should be expected. But then, I took a risk and went to see the 'sand animation'. Now I had watched the same thing but with a different artist one or two years ago. And his was great. SO I would say that I was disappointed this time. Anyway, to kill time I started to play snake on my cell. Well, I did write the reason as 'killing time' but somewhere in my mind I think I wanted to impress these two gals sitting at the back. Anyways, So the show ended in like ten minutes, while I clapped with the crowd thinking that he wud draw the 'cool stuffs' now. So he wrote 'X' and 'techfest' at the end and show was over. 'X' because it was tenth techfest from its inception. And yaa, by 'cool stuffs' I did mean 'artistic' drawing of women. 'Art'???? Yupp, Art is women without clothes. AAh, disgusting!

SO where was I?? At the 'sand animation' show. The thing is that I lost my cell phone during the show. My first feeling of course, was that it had been stolen. I dont even remember how I lost it. I was playing 'snake' then I was cracking some joke about the drawing which featured a circle and some dots in it, which I interpreted as the 'chhanni' used in karva chauth. Well, he did name the theme of the show as 'Lunar Variations'. And I know that 'moon' could have been a more precise guess, but I would rather be wrong and creative than being boring. Yaa. Please let me know if you are following any of these.

Well, So after discovering that my mobile was indeed lost, my buddy, the love of my life, used his brains and made a call to my number. 'The cellular device has been switched off' said a sexy voice from other end. I tried it too. I even asked her to tell me her name. She ignored my question.

So there I was. Away from the one thing that I really cared about. 'How would I play snake now' I thought. But I really didnt know how to react, as I was thinking of throwing it away anyway. Nokia 3310. The crappiest model possible. Plus the battery is almost dead, Which is a different and rather long story in itself. And, I am really not in the mood of boring myself to death, so I will give that a skip. Anyway, I told some of my friends that I had lost my cell to gain sympathy. They said 'acchha hua. naukari lag gayee. naya cell le, aur hamein treat de.' . I was a bit happy too, as I dreamt about the cool new handset that I will soon have. ANyway, So I had read about this 'amazing story' in a news paper that talked about 'the return of a mobile phone' after its owner, a lady, texted a series of msges. So I typed a msg with great pain which went like 'arey yaar, main bahut bhikari aadmi hun. I am sure god is watching all of us, and if you returned my cell, He will help you get sleeker cell which will also have a cam in it, with lots of dirty stuff to watch.'. okk, I didnt write the later part. But I wanted to, but typing an sms is real pain in the ass. Somehow, the msg got erased, and I thought it was not meant to be. So I had no options left. I took his mobile, and made the 'most important call of my life'. Aah! Remember SIn CIty! You gotta watch it! Okk, as it was 'most important call of my life' it had to be picked up. Someone answered the phone and asked who I was. And where I lived. For a minute, I thought that the guy was one of my friends, lallu (lull-oo), so I called him 'lallu'. He said he was not lallu. He said something about 'administrative office' and the line went dead. Battery must be the pain, I concluded. Anyway, cut the crap, he called in the morning. And I went to administartive office, and now I have the same crappy cell with me again.

chalo toh!

double huh!

Again, I dont have anything in particular here to bore you with. One thing that is purely unintential here is the way I write. I mean the way I refer to you as 'you'. Conversational style of writing. Okk, I have coined this term, and you are the witness. Anyway, So there is really nothing big going on in my life. I am as stupid as I always have been. I know that to make yourself believe that you are not an idiot, you must not reiterate 'im an idiot' in your mind for more than ten times a day. Haha. You ask why I laughed. Because I just cracked a joke! Phew. Anyway.

So, My heart is etching to watch Casino Royale again in PVR. But everywhere the movie has been pulled off the theatres. How I want to watch this movie again on the big screen! shy! I dont think I liked any of the movies that I have seen at Huma Adlabs, which screened some B-grade porn-without-skin movies before it was turned around into a multiplex by the way, including Rang De Basanti, Lage Raho MunnaBhai, Superman Returns, HP3, KingKong (yea! I am a 10 year old kid!) this much. There are many reasons. First, the chairs were so beeping uncomfortable. Second, Never ever go and watch the kid movies. Third, dont watch any English movies. Okk, I didnt watch Casino Royale dubbed in Hindi. But the language was no longer a constraint. In spite of British accent that is so hard to digest, and understand I really liked this movie.Okk! DOnt worry I am not going to marry Mr Bond. I mean it's not really possible actually. Mr Bond is too busy with the affairs that have national importance. And he doeant even know me. Oh My Gawd, I am so funny. As I typed these lines just now, I remember the episode of FRIENDS where a girl is stalking Joey thinking that he is this doctor Drek Ramoray. Hee hee. OK, you have got to watch FRIENDS. Genius.

What's next?! Umm.. There is this incident from my first interview that I would like to remember. May be I will tell my kids this incident, before they go to their interviews, to make them feel better. So they were two. A girl, an MBA from some UK unversity, and a boy, a senior from our hostol actually. So the girl was definitely there for HR kinds thing. So she asked, ' tell me two of your weak points?' Now I had prepared for this idiotic questions but then suddenly I went blank for some seconds. So I said I become too loud sometimes. Too loud as in little exciited while talking. So she said, ' It's OK! Ashish ( the boy) is always loud. It doesnt really matter actually as long as you make sense.'. So as you all know I am an extremely funny guy. I showed my teeth and replied back, 'That's the point. I dont make sense.'. Aah! Wasnt it fun! Mr Ashish did the rest, 'So you talk nonsense all the times.' 'Yes.'. And I left the room actually thinking that these guys are actually gonna hire me. Little worried, cos I actually didnt want to join them.

Okk!! I should go now.


I have had loads of misconceptions in my whole life. Like I used to think that blogging or writing in general will come naturally to me. But as I sit down now, trying hard to write something that remotely makes sense to anyone in this planet, I realise that I am getting worse at what I thought I could excel at. That's where I think my problems have been. I really never tried to excel at my strengths. I could have been a DR (ie Department Rank) because I know I was great at studies. But I didnt study hard. But somewhere along the way, I think I got confused. Things stopped to make sense. As I look back, I sometimes feel that I wasted my cllege life, doing things that I shouldnt have done, or rather not doing things that I should have done otherwise. The famous speech given by [link=]Steve Jobs[/link] at Standford comes to mind. He talked about joining the dots. I am not a great thinker but I guess I understood (or rather felt) what he wanted to tell us. Things might not make sense at first, but we have got to believe that they will, when we look back from a point at far future. The speech can be downloaded in mp3 format too, just search for 'steve jobs commencement speech'. I think that many of you might have heard it before, those who havent must hear it right now.

ANyway, I have no idea what I am going to write now. You might say that I lack clarity in thoughts. Contrary to that I think that I am in love with 'randomness'. I dont know how to put it in words but I think that absolute magic can be created once you manage to make sense out of absolute crap. Do I make sense?? I think I do. I am going to work as a business analyst now, in a company which is just two and a half years old. The founder was here himself for the selection process. And I must say I am truly impressed with things that he said. Few quotations that I am sure that you all might have heard before, like 'The courage to stand up and be heard' and 'In ambiguity, there lies an oppurtunity' were delivered with a lot of conviction. It was like, this is a man who believes in what he is saying. And you dont ask for proof, because you see right in his eyes, and you want to believe in everything he says. I am really looking forward to the joining. I just hope that I find the passion that I am looking for. I really dont understand the concept though. All these years I thought that my life will take a U-turn someday, and everything will be changed. Now that I look back, I wonder whether me getting into IIT was that U-turn, that I was never able to comprehend. And should I regret that I blew it up?

Now what else should I write about?? I feel a lot of things. SOme of which I would never like to acknowledge. But one thing that I have realised is that we must learn to face our fears. Anyway, confession mode is dangerous and we must avoid it at any cost. That is what I would tell to anyone going to interviews. You are not there to make friends. You are constantly being evaluated and you want the job at the end of the day. My interview was different though. Pressure Interview, as I would like to remember it. That scene from Casino Royale comes to mind where our dear Mr Bond is being hit at his crotches and the banker says 'The only question remains. Will you yield... in time?'. Anyway, I loved the movie, and you must watch it if you havent. So.. OK so I feel absolutely stupid sometimes. I try to console myself by thinking that I neednt worry as there are people in this world, more stupid than I am. But then there are these times when I feel that I am the stupidest person on this planet. As I fondly say that I like to see this realization as a sign of growing mature. I wonder whether other people feel same about them too. DO you feel idiotic sometimes? If yes, then dont feel bad. Just think of me.

As I see the increasing number of lines in this post I cant help but feel smug. Because I feel that I am the funniest person in this world right now.

I gotta go for the dinner.