8th Feb: Propose Day

9th Feb: Chocolate Day

10th Fed: Teddy Day

11th Fed: Promise Day

12th Feb: Hug Day

!3th Feb: Kiss Day

14th Feb: Valentine’s Day

Enjoy Valentine's Week.

This was an sms that I got from one of my friends. No point for guessing that he was a ‘boy’friend. They talk about equality for women. When are they going to message such messages to their dear friends like me?

Anyway. Back to the point. I thot it very creative of my friend to have come up with such an exhaustive list. I wud have had hug day a day later than the kiss day though. Anyway, back to the point. And the point is, that one of my friends from my huge list of ‘boy’friends also knew about the valentine week and on Kiss Day he smsed ‘Today is the kiss day. Am I going to get one from you?’ to one of his friend from his very short list of ‘girl’friends. And while he knew that no response will ever come he waited. He waited. Because he knew smsing was just a part of setting up the mood and he didn’t want the decent girl - that he believed her to be – to be answering to such idiotic smses. So he called her. And he heard the laugh that had made her heart stop beating for almost always. Anyway, he was about to explain her that it was no joke – the content of the sms that is – but he ran out of balance and I am still wondering what the result of his efforts has been.

Well the story doesn’t end here. It doesn’t even start here. It starts from a list. A list of girls that have ever had the misfortune of knowing him. And it was a sorted list. With the girl, having highest probability of accepting his proposal (I know it sounds too professional!) - which by the way was little less than 1 in a million or billion – at the very top of the list. Now this friend is very dear to me. And so I have taken the liberty of making fun of him. So as any sound forecasting model would have predicted his proposals were not met with responses that he expected. But he hasn’t given up. And while we talked last night on phone on this great human endeavor he even tried to convince me of using this great idea of proposing each and every girl that I have known in this or previous 10 births. The idea was that if girl acknowledges your eternal love for her in this and 10 previous birth of yours, you have succeeded otherwise just say that you just pulled a prank. Well, I said I will use this great idea on April 1st.

For the time being I think I should just scrap some random girl on Orkut that I am a very desperate guy who has never had any valentine for last 22 years and if they want to do a good deed on February the 14th they could just scrap 'I love you' in my scrapbook.

Great! Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. DONST,
    the story really didint end there..I called up our dear "Boy"friend yesterday and there he was telling me the other part of the story when the girl called her up ...yes ,she called....i guess u wud like to knw the rest of the story frm our boyfrnd..so call him up tonight...neways, so wat's special today....me and my colleagues cum room-mates cum neighbours hav come up with a great idea...all of us ,frustated lot ,hav decide to join "Shiv-Sena" for today....kahi bhi koi fone par dikha ,to usi samaya pakad ke peetenge ....JAI SHIVAJI,JAI BHAVANI, JAI BAL THACKREY

  2. donst,

    phone toh karunga hee main apne boyfriend ko aaj. or tumhara idea toh mind boggling hai. kuch paise bhi charge kar lena be apni services ke liye. yaa phir cell phone, gifts hee taap lena logo ke, peetai karne ke baad.

  3. love ke liya sala kuch bhi karega....

  4. bhery aptly said.

    'love' is such a justifying word!