I am quite good at drawing. The one above depicts the sophistication and simplicity in my drawing. anyway, to expect from you to understand what i have drawn on the sheet of paper is to expect from you the knowledge of 'unknowledgeable'- it is definitely a word as i checked in google just now. and i want to stress upon the fact that i typed the spelling of it(i wud have typed the word again, but i dont want to take chance. i did it alright the first time, i am not sure i wud be able to repeat myself.)absolutely correctly in first shot. - and that i wont expect from you. so i will tell you what i drawn up there. relax. dont try to guess. you cant.

so i have just submitted my appraisal form. it was kind of boring. no. it was definitely boring. i dont want to evaluate myself. i know i am the best. okk. that i am not quite sure about. but even if 'i dont think i am the best', i have got the right to put up a case against my unwillingness to go thru the appraisal process. i do my work. and that sud be it.

its been years since i have written anything remotely funny. okk. in next ten lines, i will write something so funny that you will realise that nothing more funny cud and wud be ever written in history of human race. And by funny, i dont mean things like 'i broke up with a girl becus she cud not keep up with me in bed' or 'I woke up today to find that i have been sleeping the whole night' or 'this is the greatest blog ever.' okk, i have already wasted 1 line. sorry its already 2. 4. shit! okk. lets get this done with. here it comes. SHIT. HAPPENS.

okk. in my endeavour to write the funniest thing of this era i think i have rewritten the most profound thot of this universe. now that i have written it, its face value will get over evaluated by billion million dollors.

okk, the thing that u see drawn in the pic at top is a 'baigan' that we cooked today.


  1. BAIGAN....supposed to be the king of all vegetables and you chose to draw it coz you feel like a king.
    howz the analysis???

  2. gazal mam,

    in gud old days, wen i was a kid i had seen this program on DD where all vegetables fight it out for the crown of 'king of all vegetables'. by any chance had you seen it too?? (that wud be rare, but if you have seen 'paap ki duniya' you cud have seen anything!)

    and now that you said it i feel like a king already.

    and i wonder i am the one supposed to be an analyst!

  3. yes...thats exactly the program that came to my mind.looks like we have two loyalists of doordharshan here.(i used to be a chunky pandey fan...sssh i don admit that much these days...for reasons apparent)

    of course i just took over the mantle of analysis for a short time!!!

  4. gazal mam,

    haaai-faaaiv! kya baat hai?! aur chunky pande ka fan toh main bhi tha. aur sayad abhi bhi hun!)

  5. DONST,
    even i used to watch the serial and the favourite part of the programme was the rhyme, " jeeyo jeeyo jeeyo mere baigan raja" ...tht must hav been a great serial as it inspired the little kids to knw the importance of brinjal and tht they shud eat it...i never hated baigan by the way

  6. donst,

    yeh toh happy little reunion ho gaya yaar. baigan raja ke fans ka. net pe search maaro be. download karo. phir dekhenge apan baithke phir se.

  7. (raising hand to receive hiie five.....loud clapping sound)

  8. :D

  9. oh my god! tere bheje mein sach mein boht mazedaar cheezein hain! :D keep it alive dude! truly love it :D :-)

  10. mishty madam,

    thanks alot! :)

    mazedaar cheezein toh hongi hee, aakhir mazedaar logo ka bheja joh chaat jaata hun main.