As I have got a sudden increase in number of readers that I have now, I have been doing a lot of retrospection lately. To be exact, now I have five readers in all. Till recently, actually about a month ago, I had only one reader. A 400% increase in just one month. That’s something. Of course, I have assumed that my first reader who was also the one to have made me moved to Blogspot is still strong enough to be able to cope up with the increasing level of stupidity that I have not-so-surprisingly maintained. Yeah, for those privileged ones who haven’t had the misfortune of reading my posts from its inception sud know that I earlier used to write in Yahoo! 360. It’s another thing that the sole reader of all my posts was none other than Great Meeh only. But those were the fun days. I would write some funny lines and laugh over them whole day. Not that I don’t do it anymore but still. In fact, I was quite reluctant to move to blogspot. Reason?? Well, I have set very high moral standard for myself. And one of these high moral standards is being faithful to things that have been sukh-dukh-ke-saathi in old times. ORR in other words, I don’t really like changes. Things sud remain as they are for eternity. And that is why I am not quite sure whether I am happy or sad that more people are reading my blog now. Well I always wanted and ‘deserved’ a celeb status. Comeon! All, ok five of you know and believe that I absolutely deserve being King Khan of Bloggiwood right?? Anyway, when she was the only reader, I was a lot more likely to write good shit. Not that I wanted to but as I have read some of my earlier posts I actually am amazed at what ever I have done unintentionally. kya likhta tha yaar main! I am seriously thinking about copy-pasting some of my earlier posts. Swa-prashansha that is self-praising or self promotion is gonna take me to the places.

My posts are making a lot of sense lately. And I don’t like it. This was not what I was here for. I never wished to sound candid or emotional or for that matter smart-assed although I am all of them in reality. I wanted to sell lies and crap. And after almost an year of slogging my ass out, is this what I get?? Just five people, who think that I am GAWD! (that’s GOD you nitwit!) This post is a lot sounding like the last post of my life. And now I am thinking about staging a drama where I go away giving up blogging completely and after which, one of these five morons stages a self-immolation in Aaj Tak pleading for my come-back. Morons! I am calling five people who manage to survive my posts, MORONS! Maaf kar doh yaar. Main haath-paanv-pair sab jodta hun apne. Main kya khak Gawd hun?! Sab apni photu bhej dena, apne dektop ka background banaa ke pooja kiya karunga din-raat. Par galti se bhi mere sade-gale posts panda band mat karna. Main toh naadan fun. masoom. nihayat hee bewkoof!

Aah. Now it feels like home. No one else is capable of delivering this much shit in one post. I was about to write something serious. And while this statement-the writing seriously crap- might sound like the joke of the year-and its October already- I actually wanted to write something serious. but I guess I ll wait.


  1. don't even Try to write any serious posts! u wanna lose one of the Morons?? u nuts or wat???????? :P

  2. mishti

    bus yahi soch ke ruk gaya yaar ki main yahan apni dard bhari kahani suna raha hun aur log yeh soch ke hans rahe hain ki this is one of my pathetically funny posts.

  3. i do share your 'dard', i do sympathise too....don't worry, this moron will always b thr to keep u going! Cheers! :-)

  4. Cheers! :)

  5. stop begging for aren't that bad!!!!
    I'm sure with your level of creativity you will attract a lot of attention!!!!

    the moronic one!!!!

  6. gazal

    hehe! this has become one of my many writing estyles. kool na?

    Thanks! And Morons rock more than himesh reshmiyan does!