aint i lucky?!

Today's fortune:
Your luck has been completely changed today.

This is not the first time my luck has been changed. I had got exactly the same message the day I had got my job. Boy, was I happy! That was also the day I started believing in everything that Orkut Maharaj said.

So today I got this message again. I gave my 'Stochastic Processes' endsem exam today, and shitted all over the paper. To make things more interesting I got 12/35 in midsem. Two assignment were to be submitted too. First one, we(group assignment) did submit, and thought that we got 30/60, when in real our Prof did not receive the hard copy of it, and so she has given us all zero. Second one, we just did not care enough to submit.

So if I were to believe my fortune today, I am going to get an FR in this course, which will mean that I will have to stay here one more year. My college!! Dont I just love it?!

Nothing to worry though. I have heard that same thing can happen twice by fluke, but then thing happened twice already, has to happen the third time for sure. I am the master of my luck. I will change it some other day.